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Traumatic Brain Injury, the ideal process for boxers?

The other day I watched a lot of Muhammad Ali videos, arguably the greatest boxer of all time, he later did develop Parkinson disease, some speculate that it was due to the blows to his head during his time in the ring, my question is, if that is the case and Muhammmad Ali was still alive, would the Parkinson go away since it was due to the blows? And would it be the best process for boxers, would it be very hard for a boxer to have brain damage if they received this treatment?


  • Hi Troels,
    Interesting question !
    Actually I used the example of boxers a few years ago to illustrate the effects of brain resilience. It is basically boxer's jobs to get TBI or rather give TBI to their opponents ! But the TBI symptoms they develop over time or not vary radically. Some get debilitating symptoms, some get no symptoms at all. That's because their level of brain resilience differs.

    The TBI process we have is still under development but from the preliminary results we had in the past, it is very efficient to repair those types of brain damages (from mechanical shocks). So, yes, it would be very suited for boxers for sure !

    Regarding Parkinson, well from our model (subcellular psychobiology), it would be from a different cause, therefore needing a different process. 
    Of course, the worse one general health is, the more susceptible one is to accumulate problems, and maybe brain damage is a worsening co-factor or other brain problems. But as we track the original cause of these problems in the primary cell, we often found they are unrelated.

    Not sure, but maybe some of my colleagues worked on Parkinson and have preliminary ideas about this.
  • @Gaetan Klein
    Interesting, well there is this notorious incident in boxing where a guy named Prichard Colon wound up extremely debilitated, he is like a vedgetable at this point, do you believe if he received this treatment would get back to where he was before the fight, or is there point where it's too late? If so it would be miracle, and why not get in contact with him and get into remission?
  • In theory the process could greatly benefit him, yes, maybe even fix him completely ? We have a list of people like that we were thinking of, such as Michael Schumacher.
    Unfortunately, our current process is not stable.
  • Wow I'd love to see it, I hope it works out, I actually know a guy who could benefit from it, he had a scaffolding hit his head, and his voice changed, and he trouble seeing afterwards, and is still sick from it. 
    Could someone like myself get a TBI process, and then be immune or less prone to developing brain damage, like a vaccine? Because I don't know where I am on the scale, or is it only for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury?
  • Yes, the treatment would work both as a 'sure' and a immunization. In case of head injury, your brain would automatically repair itself.
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    Nice, I might sign up for the treatment then, meaning why not check it out, and then see if it works out, there was a time I went out winterbathing and I suddenly felt my head and neck hurt quite a bit, not saying that is a proof but I am still not sure
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    Hi Troels! Our model does predicts that doing the TBI process will make the brain permanently resilient to future physical injuries (within limits). We also have some indirect evidence that supports this. 

    However, that being said there are problems with using processes as 'prophylactic' treatment. The major problem is that we have no way to check if the process was successful as there are no presenting symptoms to measure against.

    Integrity issues is another factor that is high on our radar. Overselling what a process can do is one such integrity problem. All our processes work by fixing a specific problem (nothing more - nothing less). If the client's symptoms go beyond what a process is designed to fix, those other symptoms should be addressed via regular trauma healing (if applicable). 

    We want measurable and observable outcomes that are focused on the client's presenting symptoms. And we would like to avoid clients and therapists using processes as a menu where the name of a process may lead to false hope that all the symptoms a client may themselves ascribe to a certain problem in life will resolve (e.g. my 'lack of motivation' or my 'compulsion to move' will go away when doing the 'Shattered Crystal Process' (this process is listed under ADD/ADHD) or my life-long migraine headache will go away following the 'TBI Process'). 

    Diagnosing is extremely critical in our work and the only way to successfully treat presenting symptoms (and the key to client satisfaction!). Processes do not matter in this context. They are just sophisticated tools for elimination of certain symptoms (symptoms that can not resolve with regular trauma healing!) and processes go hand in hand with regular trauma healing. 

    Kirsten Lykkegaard, Director of Research
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    Hmm is a wheelchair bound person, who sustained a sports injury who is like a vedgetable, who has lost his speech, is that beyond what the process can do? I am very curious @Kirsten.Lykkegaard

    The reason I was asking is like the therapy and I am really fascinated by it, like who wouldn't want a brain almost immune to injuries, but also I might wanted to take up boxing, MMA. But I understand what you are saying. It's more if one doesn't know what could be one's problem why not do a proces and perhaps something will go away, like you just fix a lot of stuff all at once, perhaps getting rid of something else in the process one not be a aware of initially, like the Inner Peace process, that can eliminate other things on its way
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