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"Body Association Technique" Experiences

A few experiences recently

My shoulder was injured about a year ago, likely cartilage torn, and pain has remained. EFT had not worked much at all with this pain.

“BB (body brain), what pain memory do you have experiences, connections, associations with in my right shoulder?”

and now the pain level is at 1/3 of what it had been steadily at, from injury until this healing.


“BB, what memories, experiences, connections, associations, do you have about having to hold your breath to survive; fear of suffocation; fear of drowning; fear of being attacked by unknowns and having to hold your breath to be safe?”

Breathing is at least a little better, though I’ll have to wait to see how much better.

In addition to sending love to the BB, I have found that this works very well for me:

“BB, release [the association, connection] and live longer (I'll try 'survive' next time), release and be safe.”


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    About the "Safety testing" post (by Grant and Kirsten)--both sides did very well! 
    I'll add one more reminder:  techniques that are safe, but need to used with care--such as BAT. 
    I've discovered care with precise wording and intention when talking to the body brain to be very important, and especially precise wording when dealing with others. 
    Imagine someone has an addiction to pornography that they don't want; taking away all associations with "pornography" and [unwanted directly related things] would be great.  
    However, taking away associations with "pornography, ..., sex, ..." --well, that one word, "sex", could drastically diminish their sex life without the patient even realizing what was happening, and could affect their relationship with their spouse and even their self-identity.  If "hormones" was added, that could affect other things outside the patient's desire, too. 
    As G&K said, don't hurt your family or friends!  You don't want to turn your friend from PE to ED (which might even restart their pornography addiction!). 
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