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Still very discontent with life

So I've been through a lot of processes, yet I still find myself being very peevish, and I still hold very tightly to grudges, and I make mountains out of molehiles, not entirely sure, it has gotten better my anger has decreased a lot, and I also make an effort to smile more at challenges, yet I still talk negatively about others who I feel has done my wrong. Is there something to not be as in reaction to things and just let it go of the mind?


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    The issue you are experiencing is unfortunately something common, but the good news is that this issue can be healed.
    If you don't already have it, the "Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook" written by Dr. Grant McFetridge will answer a lot of your questions and maybe to some extent, help you diagnose yourself.

    "Is there something to not be as in reaction to things and just let it go of the mind?"
    The causes of your issues could vary, so it's hard to tell you what to do or what's the best tools to help you through a forum text.

    the Loving Yourself technique and tapping on the gamut point on your reactions in those situations that you described, could be useful.

    As you know, a forum is not the best way to get an accurate diagnosis.
    If you want an accurate diagnosis and/or receive support, I would suggest contacting a therapist :)

  • Hello,
    You might find that doing some work on acceptance will help you in this situation. It certainly unlocks a lot of positivity and appreciation.
    So, for example, accept what you don't accept. Doing it while tapping will balance you from unacceptance (rejection of reality, and suffering) to more acceptance and peace and opening.
  • Thanks for the comments Julien and Gaetan
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