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The Inner Peace Process™: demonstrating theory

edited November 2017 in Research blog
In the period from 1998-2000, we focused on developing a process to acquire the Inner Peace state. It was an ideal candidate for our work, because it demonstrated the principle of our new trauma approach for peak states; it allowed us to easily test for effectiveness (“did all your past traumas lose their emotional charge?”); and it had the potential to quickly help people with serious traumatic emotional issues. At that time, the Institute was very small, so finding people to test on outside of our tiny training classes was a problem; but luckily in September 2000, Harold McCoy phoned and asked me to teach a class at his Ozark Research Institute, where I was able to test the new process on 100 volunteers, checking for effectiveness, stability, and safety.

By 2002, I felt we were ready for the next step, so we filmed a group being taught the process, with the idea that people watching the video would be able to follow along on their own at home. Still, we continued to test the process for safety and effectiveness - for example, with our approval a physician took the video home and used our process on his clients with excellent results. These efforts culminated in 2004 in a chapter in our first volume of Peak States of Consciousness, where we describe the simple process so others would be able to test it for themselves to verify that our models were actually valid.

Then, nothing.

Why? Well, you have to understand that there were only a few of us, working as unpaid volunteers in our minimal spare time trying to figure out this gigantic, completely new and unknown field. The Inner Peace process worked well enough as a demonstration, and so I turned our research efforts towards investigating the newly discovered primary cell. Interest in our work was also increasing; we were starting to do trainings around the world, and our research pace was accelerating. At one point, my colleague Tal Laks and I took some of our precious research time to improve the Inner Peace process for our therapists (to its current revision 4.1), but that was about it. In truth, in the press of all our urgent research projects, I sort of simply forgot about it. The DVD languished in my desk, and life moved on. 

But every once in a while I’d get an email from someone who had just read our Volume 1, tried the process and had it work. This happened again last month; but this time I realized that the world had changed. YouTube now allows us to upload 2 hour files (it used to be limited to 15 minutes). And we now have a number of licensed therapists around the world, who were trained in using the newer version of the process, and could handle requests for it, or anyone who got into trouble using it. And the state was really darn useful for all kinds of people, and unlike most states, was also helpful for psychiatric clients. Hmm…

So we’ve made our old Inner Peace video available on both our school/ research website, and on the licensed therapists website. Enjoy!

From the desk of the research director,
Dr. Grant McFetridge
April 5, 2014
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