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Optimum Life Path/Making Choices/Keeping motivated.

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For a huge part of my life i have experienced the problem of indecisiveness/ and difficulty making decisions. Im sure that it's a very human problem too. We are faced with choices to make about how to live our lives, what career to choose, where to live, choosing our spouses etc. 

What is the peak states perspective on making choices. I know that there is the life path process but for myself i was not able to access it properly. Are there any simple processes tools to assist with making the right choice.

In fact is there such a thing as making the right choice? And also im sure i read somewhere in the literature that in some sense the past present and future are all existing at the same time, then to a certain extent the "choices" we make have already been chosen. I know certain eastern religions such as Adviata dont go much for the idea of free will and prefer the concept of non doership. 

To what extent do we actually make "choices" or are our choices driven by trauma in effect making us some kind of complex biological computer program?

Gosh im asking a lot of questions and im not sure what im really asking for.

I guess im asking about how to make positive life affirming choices and why do so many of us choose to remain stuck and live less than optimum lives?




  • Hello Robert,

    This is a fascinating and tricky subject, because of the way peak states change our perspective upon the subject. And also because many people have absolutely no clue about how to make the right choice.

    In my personnal view, I think the right choices are often the boldest. Those that frightens me the most. Those that are life changing.

    Actually, one of the best way to make choices is to be 100% calm, peace and light (see WHH, criterias for healing) about all options (known and unknown).
    That takes time and effort, but is the best to make the right decisions.

    There are other ways, notably going throught each brain to check their opinion (knowing they are not trauma-free).

    But first of all, what does "right" means ? I imagine it is different from everyone, depending on their ethic, value, spiritual beliefs, experience of life, ...

    From our perspective, their is an "optimal" choice, which involve our relation with Gaïa, but it is hard to always be connected to that, until the Institute find a solution.
  • Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Are there any strategies to get to cpl about all options? Or how to increase connection with Gaia?

     When people refer to trusting their "intuition" are they really talking about their connection to Gaia?
  • Hi Rob ;)

    I don't know if "intuition" really is Gaïa, because it really depends on how people are using their brains to take decision. I guess, most of the time, it is trusting the body brain.

    About how to increase connection with Gaïa, well, you'll have to work with a peak state practitionner for that ! It is a big theme, and there a many Gaïa states. You can practice the 15 minute miracle, which is a good way of using a state of Gratitude, a connection to Gaïa.

    Also, I think you can increase your connection to nature, being outside, being sensible toward animals, doing grounding activities, etc... but it is mild, compared to a peak state.

    About being cpl to all options, well, you have to do trauma healing. So you can use WHH or EFT, and be sure to clean everything up. Also, include another "unknown" option, because sometime life surprises us :)
  • The Life Path is focus on the Gaia's guidance in leading us to be healthy in a holistic way. It is not necessary the best for our own agenda. 

    So, i think it is a question in what kind of goal we set , so we know which choice is the best :)
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    Hey Robert.
    You started this topic by stating that you have for a huge part of your life experienced the problem of indecisiveness and difficulty making choices. Is that the core of you question(s)?

    Is this still up-to-date for you?

    You ask for the right decision. The term „right“ - in my understanding – is a concept of the mind brain. What is „right“? How can that be defined? Isn't it relative to what you define as wrong? So what is wrong – for you? Don't you think your view on whether a particular decision was „wrong“ or „right“ might change from time to time? You see.. it depends on the perspective. Maybe you know the zen story of the taoist farmer and his horses and so on..

    Okay.. but you want to know, maybe, how to make a decision from the present moment.. Let's – for a moment – drop the concept of „right“. Let's drop the concept of „decision or deciding“ as well.

    Let's ask: Why do I even think about what to do or not to do? You might say because I'm not sure.

    But how come you are not sure? I think there is two different reasons why we are not sure:

    1. We cannot decide because of lack of information.
    2. We have contradicting voices in us.

    I have my personal solutions for both of them:

    1. The lack of information can drive me to broaden my horizon. To take on new perspectives. E.g. on what is right and what is wrong.. Did you ever come to the point where you noticed that you don't know anything? Or maybe that it doesn't matter from an „objective“ perspective? So what is right and wrong? Isn't it all subjective? Depending on our perspective?

    So if you found that you cannot find certainty by thinking about it, because its all subjective and depends on the perspective.. what can one do? If we don't know it.. why thend make a decision? Why not wait? Let it all happen.. Stop thinking. Be present in the moment. Just observe. Maybe you start feeling tendencies in you.. then it happens.. you just do something.. or you don't. Maybe you don't even feel the tendencies and just notice.. oops.. I just did it or didn't do it, without consciously deciding. It just happened..

    Or you feel two or more different tendencies. Then we are at..

    2. We have contradicting voices in us. Where does the contradiction come from? Can it be solved? If there is a contradiction this can only happen because there is two different perspectives.. Which part of you takes on which perspective? And why? What does the heart brain feel? How does the body brain want to act? Is there anything involved that doesn't feel calm, peace and light? You know how to change that! If there is no more contradictions, you will end up as written in one.. it just happens.. whether it is right, or wrong.. from which perspective whatsoever.

    Thats my point of view. By the way it helps me to really focus on my feet, to completely fill my feet with my awareness. Thats when I am really totally present in the moment. Sometimes that's the only way to access my inner contradictions.. to resolve them.. to go with the flow.

    Hope that helps,
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