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Leonard Laskow : Healing with Love

edited June 2014 in Peak state(s)
I just stumbled upon the story of this healer, a former obstetrician, named Leonard Laskow, who has a therapy practice.

He heals with love.

He tells an interesting story of reducing the growth rate of bacteria by 50% by accepting them unconditionally. During this experience, he connected deeply with the bacteria, as a form of life who was as deserving to grow and live than himself. Because they were created by the same original source. So, from a human perspective, some bacterias appear as pathogen (negative), but from a broader perspective, with love and acceptance, they appear as cousins of humans (positive).

So the bacteria ended up reducing their growth, not because he wanted to, but because he asked for it with unconditionnal acceptance and love, independantly of the outcome.

This is very interesting from the Institute perspective on life and Gaïa. At some point, all forms of life are connected and should be in cooperation with each other. This can happen if there is no more conflit between them. That is, if there is no feeling of separation.

On average, we feel separated from other forms of life, and even from other human beings. We do not feel like we are one.

But peak states strongly suggest that we can interact in a more integrated manner.

So the example of that man is really interesting.

I suspect he has some strong Gaïa state to be able to create such a connection with bacterias. Because he said he felt as one with the bacteria, and felt they came from the same source has him. He might also have a good ability to merge. This explain why his treatments are successful.
Apparently, those abilities/states were acquired from a deep and long practice of meditation.

You can find him here :


  • Interesting. I have a friend who healed herself of Ross River Fever by simply going into a state where the virus got the message that it was not welcomed in this environment.   
  • I was actually inspired by this guy before i achieved a peak state. Even now when i cant heal myself i just try to focus on loving the thing i am focusing on.

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