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Fakir who doesn't get hurt

edited September 2014 in Peak state(s)

I just discovered a belgium fakir who has the ability of not being hurt / or regenerate fast, using broken glass, razor blade, and so on.

You can watch him on those 2 videos below. Sorry, this is in french, and with a lot of ads around.
or this one : from 6:00 to 11:00

This guy showed up in a french talk group on hypnosis, asking about our opinion of his skills. What is fascinating is that he can get hurt and heal slowly, as normal humans do, when he is not doing his fakirism. But at the beginning of his fakirism practice, he uses a special focusing technique which put him in a very calm state of mind, with very slow heart beat. He then doesn't get hurt, as you can see in the videos.


  • Update : I spoke a little with the guy, and there is no proof he is in any specific peak state.

    He says his father was a reknowed fakir, travelling the world. He has an emotionnally intense childhood, and began to pierce himself as a child. He then study hindu texts, the bible, and some yoga.

    He also says he has a poor health.

    So I think he is only really doing self-hypnosis in order to get anesthaesia and lower his blood stream.
  • But why then does he regenerate faster, if so?
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