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Heart Brain

I cannot quite recall where but i am sure that i read in one of the volumes that the Heart Brain "thinks" in terms of visual images.

When i was younger i had an almost photographic memory. The sort of memory where one could go back in time and recall a room with all the objects etc.

For the last five or six years i've had huge problems with my working memory, pariculary the sort of visual memory i used to rely on. I also have problems with  perceiving time, and basically organising myself that involves any kind of planning. Im sure that the Heart Brain was also responsible for our perception of time too, but i could be corrected.

A few years back whilst playing around with a heart math technique (the technique involves focusing on the heart area whilst recalling positive memories) and loving unconditionally my symptoms, all of my symptoms reversed. I had once again the vivid inner visual memory. I could close my eyes and picure and vision what i had recently seen.

When i try to use the technique again ie the loving technique, it seems harder to do somehow. And also some sadness always comes up. This sadness is almost a giving up type energy, a sort of fatalistic type feeling, that nothing will ever be the same again.

I've worked with this issue a few times with a few of you guys, for which i am grateful, but every time i approach this, i back off and don't know why. Is this the trauma talking?

Im not sure what i am asking here, i just thought id put it out there again. 

How should i proceed with this? Should i chip away at the sadness feelings?


  • Hello Robert,

    Thanks for sharing.
    It is the body brain which is responsible for the ability to feel time passing. The body brain itself lives in the present, and works with associations.

    It is great that you connected again with your ability to see with using cardiac coherence !

    I think you should be able to do that again pretty easily if you use cardiac coherence again with the loving yourself technique. However, it is common to make trauma surface when focusing on one area for some time.

    It seems the sadness comes from what we call a soul loss. It is a special case in WHH.

    You say you have been working on this issue a few times, right ? Well, with the proper diagnostic and treatment, the sadness trauma should be gone, allowing you access to your heart brain again. You have to check that with your therapist.

    In between, you can also try EFT while focusing on your sadness feelings in the heart, that might helps or even resolve the issue. But your therapist is the best one to guide you.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, i have worked with nemi and others quite a few times, but admitedly im probably not the best client. I have a tendency to ask for help and then back off or fail to complete things. Im not sure why.

    I wanted to understand what was going on when i was using that technique. Did i heal it or did i create a relaxation response or something.

    I want to understand why focusing on the heart area allowed my inner vision (the mental imagery) to turn back on.
    My memory is practically non existent at the moment and it's holding me back.

    I have quite a few issues right not and im not sure even where to start!

  • Hello Robert,

    Well, you might benefit for a more extended therapy duration to go through that tendency you describe. I know it did help me when I was in therapy to have scheduled meeting every week or two for some months. Actually I went faster than expected !

    If your mental imagery ability turns on and off, it is probably because the underlying trauma is not healed completely, and when you do coherence and loving yourself, you temporarily turn the trauma off.

    But you should ask Nemi about her opinion on it.

    To improve you imagery and memory, you can also use a technique called Image streaming, though it requires many hours of training to be effective (10 to 50 hours).
  • Hi Superzozo,
    The best then is to contact a practitionner who will help you doing that.
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