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A successful tinnitus treatment

Recently I treated a tinnitus client, and then was able to follow up on the treatment a couple of weeks later to check for stability of the treatment. The cause of the tinnitus was a complete surprise - and the client reports that after treatment he has had no tinnitus whatsoever afterwards.

(For those of you who don't know, tinnitus is a ringing, clicking, buzzing, or roaring in the ears that can be very loud and obtrusive for some people. It affects 10-15% of people. Wikipedia says the causes range from hairs in the inner ear have died or are damaged, ear infections, diseases of the heart or blood vessels, brain tumors, stress, certain medications, head injury, and earwax.)

The client had been exposed to very loud music in his 20s as, so assumed his tinnitus had been due to exposure to loud noises then and later in life, causing cumulative damage to his ears.

Instead, it turned out that his tinnitus was caused by 'copies' (that is, other people's sensations copied into ones own body; it is indirectly caused by a certain type of bacteria in the primary cell). Once he became aware of these copies, they felt sort of like earmuffs or hearing protectors on his head. He had over 6 copies of a ringing sound / sensation that he had gotten, primarily in his 20s.

Treatment was interesting, because his body actually treated these balloon-like copies sort of like hearing protectors, even though they were the cause of his tinnitus. Hence, we had to eliminate body associations on the sensations that having the balloon-like copies on his head gave him. There were about 6 or 7 association traumas that had to be eliminated. The client was surprised as he eliminated the associations, because he could feel the copies starting to droop like balloons with the air let out. Once he could find no more body associations, he started to eliminate the copies. (He also noted that exposure to bright light and warmth on his ears made it much faster to eliminate the copies.)

Each time we eliminated a copy, I had him feel for the trauma sensations that the copy had been attached to. (This was easy to do - once the copy was gone, he would immediately feel the trauma that it had been attached to.) These ranged from a biographical trauma of his mind feeling overloaded, to an old blow to the head trauma. Thus, we would eliminate a copy, then eliminate the trauma string it had been attached to, and repeat on the next copy/trauma pair.

Are copies the usual cause of tinnitus? I would be pretty surprised if this was the case - I suspect that there are multiple causes. However, therapists might want to check for this cause in their own clients, and post their results on this forum for the rest of us.   :)

Dr. Grant McFetridge
Research Director
Institute for the Study of Peak States



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    Hi All. First of all disclosure!: I have had bearable tinnitus for 12 years, and have not tried Grants approach above since I read it late last year 2016, but have been MEANING to. ha ha.

    Well typical thing happens.........Just had a client session now. She mentioned at the beginning she had developed tinnitus again during severe influenza in the last weeks, and also that she had had tinnitus first during a crisis, mini nervous breakdown type event from which she fully recovered and tinnitus also went. Other issues were dominant today, so we dealt with them, but I had 15 mins left still and asked her if she wanted to look at the tinnitus.

    So bearing in mind the original tinnitus appeared in a psychological crisis, and that it disappeared again after the crisis was over, I assume a relative positive prognosis. So I tried the fast way first. Associations on the high pitched tone. No change. So I thought I'd quickly check ancestors resistance to losing the problem, one generational found. No change. (At this point I still hadn't re read the above esp re copies!) So I asked her to sense a traumatic feeling that was present with the tinnitus symptom. Found a trauma. Healed. THEN while she was regressed and tapping I looked finally at the above. Had forgotten the copies. Asked her to check for the tone floating in a kind of cloud outside her ear. YES! Aha same as Grant found! We were over time at this point and she was getting tired I think, and she couldn't access the trauma on her side, so got her to remove the copy. Found a second one, removed that, felt generally calmer in herself afterwards, and we made out to work on the tinnitus in the next session in two weeks, with the background thought that it will be a lead in to healing the crisis back when the tinnitus appeared. She agreed. So stay tuned for the second report.

    Of course this is cool to confirm what Grant found, and for me a big incentive to get off my backside and heal my own tinnitus.......

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