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The Inner Peace Process and the Gamut Point

edited October 2016 in Peak state(s)
I'm wondering why the public Inner Peace Process uses the EFT sequence but not the gamut point? It seems like the gamut point would be better for two reasons:

1. Tapping one point is less distracting than having to remember the EFT sequence, and

2. I heard in one of your videos that the gamut point actually heals the primary cell, while the EFT sequence does not.


  • Hello Kanon,

    I guess the main issue is about copyrighting the Institute's techniques. As EFT is in public domain, it is very easy to use, while our own techniques are licensed.

    Of course, when we do the full Inner peace process we do use the gamut point with WHH.

    The advantage of EFT is that it is easier to do for people who are NOT used to healing traumas. EFT makes emotions goes down quicker in the beginning of the healing, and require to focus on emotions, not physical sensations.

    And as EFT includes the gamut point, eventually people would reach complete healing. The gamut point is healing the whole trauma string, other EFT points are not. So the public domain process is less effective, but still brings results to people.

    But maybe we should update the process to make it more efficient ?
  • I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and heard one person got rid of their CFS using the IPP. Thus, sometimes I do the IPP, but I get more tired doing the whole EFT sequence and have to stop. I could go longer if I only tapped the gamut point. Would that work?
  • Yes sure, if you know the technique, you can do it !

    Do WHH : stay in body, feel and accept all sensations, love yourself, and tap on the gamut point. That would yeld better results.

    If you get tired doing it, you can do the psychological reversal step regularly (rub the sore spot on the chest and do an EFT phrase).

    I also have CFS and the Inner peace didn't do anything on it. The Silent Mind, however, improved my condition by 20%. I guess everyone is different.
  • I will try it. Thanks! 
  • Hi Kanon!

    We used EFT in the public Inner Peace process (IPP) because that was all we had when we derived the IPP around 2000. The IPP video was done in 2002, and the book in 2004. We did not start using the 9 gamut point technique until around 2005 or 2006, when we finally figured out how it worked.  

    For the public IPP, it might be better to use EFT. EFT was designed as an 'all in one' technique. Unlike EFT, when  we use the 9 gamut tapping, we generally use it in conjunction with an additional focus to heal a specific type of trauma, i.e., feeling one's ancestors for generationals; using the hand/ribosome for associations; and just a focus on an emotional tone for biographical trauma. 

    Re my comment somewhere in a video that the 9 gamut heals and EFT does not, that was an over simplification. The 9 gamut only heals an epigenetically stuck gene coating (with a time delay) which is perfect for our work. EFT will also heal gene histones, but often the symptoms vanish before the gene histone is healed. Hence, extra rounds using EFT after symptoms are gone is a very good idea.

    Re licensing, it is not an issue in this case. Gary Craig would often use just 9 gamut tapping as a shortcut, in person and on his videos. But probably because he did not know about the underlying time delay as the gene histone was being repaired, he didn't pursue it, since his simple EFT would appear to be faster.

    In the case of the public IPP, the person is continuously using lots of rounds of EFT anyway, so this is not an issue and the gene histones will (eventually) get fully healed. 

    It would be interesting to test the public IPP by just using 9 gamut tapping and see if it worked as well or better without any extra focus. If it worked, it sure would be easier!

    All my best,
  • Would it still work if I pressed the gamut point instead of tap? I get tired tapping, but I can press for longer periods.
  • edited November 2017
    There is a standard trick to avoid tapping but still heal using meridians. It is called 'hold and breathe'. In this, you hold or press the point and calmly breathe (I usually suggest a deeper than normal breathe) until the change happens. Not our technique, I can't recall who developed this alternative but it has been around for over a decade. We generally don't use it as it is slower, but some people really dislike the sensations in their body when they tap on a meridian point, so it is a good alternative. You still have to focus on the emotional tone and stay focused on it, of course, or nothing will happen.
  • Great! Thanks, Grant.
  • It was developped by Dr. John Diepold, a gentle man I met in Brussels. He came to your workshops Grant, and actually developped a new trauma therapy based on insights from WHH and other sources.

    Kanon, you can also use TAT as an alternative for EFT. Worth trying if the pose isn't too tiring.
  • I followed along with the IPP video , and I got a big headache!  Like my whole brain was being worked over, lol. 

    Is it possible to go part-way into states?  Then pick up where you left off, so to say, and keep going?  (I feel like it improved me, but not like as much as it would have had it fully worked for me.) 
  • Hello David,

    Yes, it is possible to gain many states in a progressive way. So you can have 20% of a given state, or 70%, or any number really. However, the real gains are when you get over 90% in my opinion.

    Still, having a 40 Inner Peace is better than nothing !

    Yes it is possible to let it at that and pick up where you left off later on. This doesn't affect the acquisition of the state, though you might have it temporarily on and off depending on where your consciousness (CoA) goes.

    So you can resume and keep going at any time.

    As for the headache, that's pretty unusual I think. Did it go away ?
  • Thanks, Gaetan! 

    Ok, that seems to be what has happened--a partial IP state.  I have noticed it's harder to feel into things for emotional work, but it's doable, and the results seem to more than make up for not being able to feel as well. 

    The headache was a dull pain all over, but mostly on both sides just to the side of the center and rear a little; later, just to both sides of center.  It comes and goes.  (I noticed it was where I had had strange feelings before after motorcycle/ car accidents.) 

    I have noticed a little more energy, and less procrastination. 
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