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Psoriasis client

I just met a man with psoriasis. His was a particularly interesting case, because he remembers the exact time and reason he got his problem. He was 10 years old, swimming, and as he came out of the water, he scrapped his shin on the dock. A day or two later he got his first case of psoriasis at the site of the injury. 
When we regressed to the time zone, he experienced that the leg scape was covered by what felt like a jellyfish coating, like a thick rubber patch over that scraped area of his body.  He described the layer as toxic. This suggests that this layer, which was probably inside his primary cell in an area that corresponded to his injured shin, was covered by a bacteria of some type. 
I had him regress to the time of his injury, feeling the coating on his leg, and did simple tapping. In a few minutes the area was clear of the layer (in his perception). Interestingly, the layer dissolved in patches so we simply kept tapping till it was all gone. Then he was quite amazed, as he felt bright and free and expanded in the present. 
Did this cure his psoriasis? I have no idea, as it will take time for his rather severe case of skin areas to change, if they do. We'll see! I've got my fingers crossed for him. 
Dr. Grant McFetridge

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