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Questions about Peak Experience Peak States and More

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Hi, I have a few questions I've been wondering about for a while.  It would be nice to have experiences, though theory would be interesting, too.  (When I talk about peak states, I'm meaning this kind, not through meditation, NLP, etc.)  Feel free to take your pick of any of the questions--could you perhaps write the number of the question you are responding to the top of your post, or copy the question to, the top of your post?  Thanks for any responses! 

1.  Can an attained peak state be “tuned off and on”, at will? Can the previous state and/or memory of the previous state be “kept” and called upon?  If you go back to a previous state, is returning to the peak state without problems?

2.  Can a higher peak state be temporarily “turned down”/ lowered to a lower peak state that would be more beneficial (like with the different triune brains states)? If so, would one have to experience state by state, or just be able to access all lower states?  (Let's say I get in a car crash and go in the water--can I downgrade from perfect triune brain union to a Samadhi state?)  

3.  Can multiple "peak experience to peak states" be installed ( )? If so, can they be switched between? at will?

4.  Could a (peak experience to) peak state of "great overall health" be installed? 

5.  Could a (peak experience to) peak state of healing/ regeneration be installed, at least to some degree (as say for a short-term workaround to Regenerative Healing state)?

6.  If a "peak experience to peak state" is installed, will other parts balance it (if asked)?  (For example, I get a peak state of confidence installed--will it be subconsciously/ automatically balanced with humility, wisdom, kindness, etc.; or will it be really easy for me to make mistakes because I have confidence, but lack the other things needed to balance/ help it? Would multiple peak states need to be installed to balance, or would those other qualities need to be felt and installed as part of the confidence peak state?)

7.  Can a "peak experience to peak state" be installed according to, or that follows, a person/ persona? (Like, “I watched a movie and I want to be just like that actor.  (And as I was watching, I entered into/ felt that actor's “state”.)  Such as with method actors and "sense memory").”)

8.  Do Calligaris experiments ( ) work by temporarily affecting the primary
cell/ triune brains/ etc.?

9.  If someone believes in 11 main chakras instead of 7, will that effect the chakra structure found in their primary cell? In other words, does belief influence actual structure?



  • Wow, great questions.
    Jack Bennett
  • Hi !

    Well I will try to answer your questions from my understanding, but I guess it would require a trainer/advanced to be thorough and accurate.

    1) Peak states are automatic, they do not require any effort or mental process. Thus, once you have it, it is always here (ideally).
    I can "hide" some of my states when I don't want other people to pick up that I'm "high" but this does require an effort, tough a minor one. Once I'm alone, usually to states kicks in without any need for me to do anything.
    So, it is a bit like a spring. It is always here, underlying other experiences.
    This is different from what is done in NLP with anchoring states for instance.

    2) I don't understand, why would you "lower your state" ? That doesn't make sense :)
    States can be "crashed" but getting them back then requires healing the trauma or ps-bug that crashed it.
    Also, there isn't really such a thing as "lowering states" as they are not hierarchical (with the exception of triune brain fusion of course).

    3) You can do Experience-to-State as much as you had peak experiences ! Good news if you had a lot of them !
    Rather than switching, you would automatically stacked them up. There is no discrepancie.
    From a technical point of view, acquiring peak states is more like cleaning the dirt that inhibits the true state she should be in : having all peak states. Thus, having no peak states is NOT normal. So, getting peak states is not like "building" somehting up by adding blocks, but rather like discovering new bones of a giant dinosaur : you want the whole skeletton because that's what only make sense !

    4) Yes, if that state of health is blocked by traumas and subcellular causes.

    5) The Regenerative Healing state can be permanent. The research team is working on it ! :-)

    6) This is not how peak states work. They are intrinsically balanced. Because they are the absence of a problem.
    Confidence, for instance, is not a peak state, but an emotionnal state. It requires a mental process (conscious or not) to go on. Peak states does not.
    Also, peak states are unconditionnals, so one can experience them, no matter what else is going on.
    That being said, some peak states give abilities that are extraordinary, and one can use them to harm others.
    Thus, you have to think about quality of a state you would want to have.
    For instance in this case, confidence would not be an end, but only a mean. Why would you want to have confidence in the first place ?
    You can take
  • Re...
    You can take a look at Connirae Andreas' Core Transformation Process for a better understanding of this.

    7) Yes, it is possible to do that and acquire a permanent state.
    Our current methods doesn't work for all states though, as far as I know.
    Also, we discourage "merging" with someone without proper training. I know, NLPists and hypnotists do it all the time.
    If you felt the state in yourself, that's very encouraging, because your system can handle the state. It is a good indication that the experience-to-state might work.

    8) I'd need time to check this one.

    9) Not sure.
    Psychological techniques can interfere with the primary cell. But in this case, I guess the structure is pretty fixed.
    But that particular person might have a different structure than the norm, who knows ?
    Also, where does her belief come from ? Can that person feel her chakras ? Has somone else who can feel chakras verified this ?
    It is easy to fool yourself in this kind of fields :-)
  • Gae:tan,

    Thanks for your answers!  Lots of insightful tidbits.  Part of what I'm doing is looking for boundaries/ limits/ possibilities for it all; part of it is knowing ahead of time what to expect, etc.  I have a few follow up questions.

    2. "I don't understand, why would you "lower your state" ? That doesn't make sense :) "  Like in the example--"(Let's say I get in a car crash and go in the water--can I downgrade from perfect triune brain union to a Samadhi state?)"--I can die happy, or "lower" to a Samadhi state and have 15 minutes to get out and swim to the surface.  ;)

    3. Let's say I install a state of "completely grounded and good and content to just 'be'", and another of "outgoing and talkative", would these states just "interact", or take turns, or share the common parts and switch between the non-common? 

    4. Let's say a few years ago, before the solution for CFS, I had CFS; could I install a state of "being healthy and energetic", and if so, what would the results be?
  • Hi David,

    Again, my own answers (but I don't know it all, so still waiting for further insights from others).

    1) Ah, I understand. Well the "samadhi" state is not a normal state. It is worse than "average consciousness", meaning it is very dysfunctionnal. Not sure it would be useful because I don't know how your body brain would react in this situation. It would be great to have only the "reduced need for breathing" part, however, it is because the body brain doesn't work properly. Not great for survival situation !
    Plus, when you are in survival situations, your body brain can bypass the upper brain in order to act quickly.

    3) You can stack them up, I see no conflicts between thoses states. The combination would just form a new state of "completely grounded and good and content to just 'be' and outgoing and talkative".

    4) Well you would have that state to some extent, while still having the CFS. So the state would compensate for the problem, but the problem would not be fixed.
    From the subcellular perspective, the problem would still be there, but you would use other metabolical patchways in order to compensate.
    However, that's just theory. Several therapies are using this principle with more or less success. So, try them and see if it works for you !

    Plus, we haven't identified how different models and techniques are fitting or not into our own model. We cannot always explain why some therapies works, and what is the underlying mechanism.
  • Gae:tan,

    Thanks for your answers again. 

    #4, especially the last part, is interesting to me.  How do the different types of energy healing interact with ScPb?  If one were to watch the "problem area" in the primary cell while an energy healing were done, what would be seen? 

    Interestingly, PS works really well in the few areas where energy healing doesn't--that's awesome! 
  • Yes David, well that's no surprise when you understand the underlying phenomenon. Energy healing is interacting with the primary cell. Depending on the healing technique, the action on the cell (and which area of it) will be different. Hence, some techniques are better than others. But globally, "energy" is a physical structure inside the cell. If you mess with it, you might actually damage the cell.

    That is why almost all techniques in this category do NOT work well for permanent peak states of consciousness (altough you can get lucky).

    That's also why the institute discourage using most of these techniques.

    But it also depends on what your goal is. These techniques are helping millions of people too. They just are not good enough for our humanity project.

    Also, these techniques are state-dependent. A person with certain peak states will have more "power" and efficiency with these techniques. Unfortunately, they might use their power in the wrong way and actually harm people. There are many stories about that : dark shamans, evil voodoo, or abusive gurus.

    Fortunately, some peak states create intrinsic altruism and non-harm, like the Beauty Way and the Brain Light states. So we emphasize those kinds of states for all therapists (using "energy" or not).
  • edited November 2017
    Hi David,

    It looks like Gaetan did a great job of answering your questions. 

    If you want more detail on the underlying biology of peak states so you can get a better handle on this new way of understanding this phenomena, I'd recommend reading our Peak States of Consciousness books.

    I thought you might enjoy a bit more about energy therapies. Back around 2005 or 2006, we finally knew enough about the primary cell to try to take a look at how EFT works. (Now, understand that this was just something we did as a side project, and didn't spend a lot of time with it. But here's what we observed at the time.) When a person taps on selected acupuncture points, the feeling of the tapping is fed into the primary cell - hence, you can 'feel' the tapping. This sensation/information in turn interacts with subcellular structures that chinese medicine calls 'meridians'. These filamentary structures onside the cytoplasm terminate into a fungal disease structures on the outside of the nucleus. These fungal structures are called 'chakras'; and there is one for each of the triune brains, as they originally infect each of the p-organnelles in very early development of the primordial germ cells, then transfer to the nuclear membrane during conception. (There is an illustration of this disease on the nucleus in our Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.) Hence the number of chakras directly relates to the number of triune brains in typical people. (As an aside, in regression to the sperm experience, one can feel a lot of chakra structures going up and down to what feels like infinity, not because there are a lot of them in any given sperm, but because sperm share a collective consciousness and so one feels the chakra fungi from each sperm superimposed all at once.)

    When you tap, a crystalline material inside one of these fungal structures is affected. A trauma corresponds to a broken piece of this crystalline material. When it gets repaired, it returns to the main mass of crystalline material inside the fungus body. This corresponds to healing the trauma.Each of the crystal bits has an emotional tone, allowing a person to target a specific crystal/trauma, hence the focus on emotional tones for all meridian therapies.  

    Note that there are many different ways to heal trauma that rely on different biological pathways - EFT happens to rely on the chakra fungus. In fact, there are at least four different places traumas can be healed - at the ribosome level, at the histone level on the DNA gene, at the chakra fungal level on the nucleus, and at what we call the pinecone structure level inside the nucleolus. Intervening at any location with an appropriate technique simultaneously repairs the corresponding damage at all of the other levels, as they all interact. As I've said, in the case of meridian therapies, they work by interacting with the fungal chakra on the nuclear membrane.

    In 2012, we ran a fascinating test. From the previous discussion, it should be clear that trauma is somehow related to fungal diseases. So we came up with a method to eliminate most fungal diseases at one go in one of our staff. We had a Chinese medicine doctor / acupuncturist monitoring the test case before and after. He reported being able to feel the various types of pulses they use for diagnosis before the test. Then we ran the procedure to eliminate all the different fungal species. And that's when things got really interesting. First, the chakra disease organism disappeared out of the cell. Then the doctor reported that all of the client's diagnostic pulses just vanished! So, I was a bit concerned, as I wondered if we'd eliminated the person's ability to heal traumas. But instead something much more interesting happened. We found that now the client only needed to simply feel the trauma sensation or feeling, and the trauma would simply and quickly dissolve - there was no need for any intervention technique like tapping, WHH, etc. Hence, just easily feeling the feeling was now enough to dissolve the entire trauma string.

    This made sense to us, because we'd already know that trauma itself was solely due to particular kind of bacterial infection. The various fungal infections just made trauma hard to get rid of, requiring various techniques. Sort of like piling one problem on top of another, with the bacterial problem starting it all.

    I hope this brief, and hopefully not too confusing journey into subcellular biology was interesting to you. There is far more detail of relevant biology with illustrations both on our website and in our textbooks, if you have an interest. The important thing here is that with an understanding of the subcellular biology, it becomes possible to treat these sorts of problems in entirely new ways, ones that are not obvious from symptoms, but instead rely on an understanding of the metabolic pathways and relevant diseases.

    All my best,
    Grant McFetridge
  • Gaetan,

    "Also, these techniques are state-dependent. A person with certain
    peak states will have more "power" and efficiency with these techniques."
    By "these techniques", do you mean (I assume) energy healing techniques?  Which peak states, and how? 


    I have three books PS1, PS2, ScPb, but I don't remember reading some of
    those details about EFT experiment; they were good to know, thank you. 

    Speaking about that, when you say they all interact and heal
    each other, does that include EFT-chakra healing, healing the other
    three ways?  (If so, I think that supersedes earlier thinking/ writing?)

    "So we came up with a method to eliminate most fungal diseases at one go
    in one of our staff... Then we ran the procedure to eliminate all the different fungal
    species...We found that now the client only needed to simply feel the
    trauma sensation or feeling, and the trauma would simply and quickly
    WOW.  That would be so much better, especially when it's
    towards oneself.  How did it affect physical health?  Did this seem to
    help with not getting diseases?  Was that person able to use it with
    others, also? 
    Is that "peak state" available? 

    You might
    know, or not (most EFT practitioners don't), but EFT can be done without
    tapping.  I had wondered how it was possible that way, and just now
    something in the books came to mind--I imagine it would be a
    fungus-to-fungus connection between the practitioner and the patient. 
    For some people, in some ways it works better and faster. 

    can't remember if I read this--when all fungi are eliminated, how does
    that affect communication with other people with fungi in them?  If you
    remember if there's a reference in ScPb, is there a page number? 

    "First, the
    chakra disease organism disappeared out of the cell. Then the doctor
    reported that all of the client's diagnostic pulses just vanished!"
    Interesting.  So the meridians disappeared with the chakras?  Did the doctor then test for any changes in acupuncture points?  
    Have somatids been found inside the primary cell? 
  • David,

    By "these techniques", I'm thinking about techniques that directly uses "energy", like Reiki, pranic healing, reconnexion, and so on. Not so much about EFT or TAT because they do no involve the energy of the therapist.

    So, it depends on what "energy" these techniques relies. The Creator Light / Awareness state is an important state, used by healer who heal with "light" or "god's energy". Similar things for people accessing "angels" that might tap into the oversoul or creator networks.

    Even better, Gaïa connection is what fundamentally heal us. To, all Gaïa states are useful, especially Gaïa Communication and World Inside Body. Shamanism relie espacially on these states and on the Sacred Realm also (if I understand it right).

    I wrote a long post about it "Shamanic Training with Alexandre Nadeau". Other states that can be used to "heal" people are Silent Mind + Being Present, especially for bodywork and hands-on healing. However, the word "healing" might be a bit out of place.

    Of course, many other peak states might be useful. Better : a combination of them. Even better : all peak states combined. And you know that can go as far as regeneration. Hence, it is a better goal to get all peak states for everybody than training "shamans" or "healers". Hence the humanity project.

    What are somatids ?
  • Gaetan,

    More for me to think about, thanks!

    If somatids don't exist in the someone's primary cell, I wonder if perhaps all infections and many health situations (cancer) would be impossible.  Either way, it might help understanding the relationship of somatids/  to infections (Bechamp vs. Pasteur). 

    So about that experiment--would it mean that when someone feels a negative emotion, or an
    emotion that has/had a trauma string, all the trauma would disappear? 
    Would that process of getting rid of fungus mean that all pre-natal and birth trauma would disappear, too, or would that still require its own healing?  So in essence, all peak states would return/ appear, perhaps over time as the trauma feelings come up and then dissolve, from that one (2012 test) experience? 

  • Hi David,

    would it mean that when someone feels a negative emotion, or an 
    emotion that has/had a trauma string, all the trauma would disappear?

    Re the fungal elimination experiment, yes, the trauma string would just dissolve.

    Would that process of getting rid of fungus mean that all pre-natal and birth trauma would disappear, too, or would that still require its own healing?

    No. Getting rid of fungus does not get rid of trauma, it just makes healing trauma easy, by just feeling the symptom. Trauma is actually caused by a bacterial disease process. The fungal part of the trauma problem just makes it hard to heal.

    So in essence, all peak states would return/ appear, perhaps over time as the trauma feelings come up and then dissolve, from that one (2012 test) experience?

    Probably not, as there are a lot of trauma, and most have nothing to do with peak states. So, given 2,000 or more trauma strings, with only a tiny proportion involved with peak states, it would be pretty slow going waiting for outer triggers to activate traumas that were relevant. (Plus, the three really fundamental states are not blocked by trauma, but by disease processes outside the scope of this discussion.)

    I will add another comment about research and totally unexpected problems (which is why we test so much); and getting rid of all trauma by healing all the trauma strings was one of them. A decade or so ago we figured out ways to heal large numbers of traumas all at once. However, it was a disaster, because it moved the primary cell out of equilibrium with the underlying bacterial problem that creates trauma in the first place. The results were life threatening. We had to abandon this seemingly obvious approach, and instead start focusing on the underlying bacterial disease. Hence more years have gone by... Fortunately, don't worry about using standard trauma techniques, because you simply won't heal enough traumas to trigger the dis-equilibrium problem. 

  • edited November 2017

    Beauty Way, Brain Light, The Creator Light / Awareness state, Gaïa Communication,World Inside Body...

    Is there a current list of which peak states can be installed, cost, and therapists?  I hear about people getting them, but I don't see them on the website.  Or is it just for PSI people? 

    (Out of all of these: , I only find these on the website: )

    Also, what's up with Book 3?  Is it/ will it be for the public, or for PSI people? 


  • Hi David,

    I'm sorry to say that I haven't yet written Volume 3 (or at least, the first version was written in 2004 and is very out of date). Got too many other books on the to do list; and I'm waiting till I have more progress on the Humanity Project before I start that book again.

    The Institute therapists used to do states for clients, but we quit doing it for a number of reasons. The most important was that people were generally dissatisfied with what they got. (We didn't have a working Beauty Way process at that time, a state which is pretty hard to be dissatisfied with.) This was usually because people were trying to 'self-medicate' some problem in themselves by picking a state off the list, which unfortunately did not solve their underlying issue. 

    Instead, we found that peak experience to state made the clients a LOT happier and more satisfied. So we dropped the old system after a couple of years with overlap between the two approaches. And so now experience to state is what we teach therapists how to do.

    All my best,
  • Hi David,

    There are some processes we can do for clients if they want it, even if it isn't the core project of the institute (as Grant said, it is much more satisfying to help someone to get back a state they had for a moment and lost ; + the humanity project).

    We differentiate "structural repair" processes from peak states per se.

    The former are : Silent Mind, Column of Self, Shattered Crystals (used for ADD, also improve concentration), Asperger treatment, Flattened Emotions and Brain Repair. You can find them on

    For peak states, we have processes for Silent Mind, Inner Peace, Brain Light, and Seeing the Life Path. These are really nice and I'm recommend them 100% to everybody (except Seeing the Life Path since it is an ability, not a state).

    However, what most people really really need, apart from recovering a lost peak experience, is therapy. And we have great tools for this. Doing some extensive work with a therapist is truly life-changing. It depends on the goal you have though. Unfortunately, therapy doesn't sound very "sexy". But it is necessary.

    In the training, you are also taught how to work on yourself in a very deep way (therapy), and you get access to some other minor processes, like Hearing the Brains. Then you can get guidelines on how to try and work on other peak states, but the path is unclear, and sometimes disappointing. For an example, I work for 2 years on a state that I got only partially and was not happy with the results. An another state, I had for a few hours and could not get back, which was really crushing.

    So, it is all work in progress. Do you remember how computers from 20 years ago where slow, limited, and crashed into a blue screen every now and then ? Well, it took years before the field improved so much.

    You are welcome joining the ride though :-)

  • So is there a formula, or guidelines, to tell what trauma work needs to be done, especially before doing a peak state? 
  • Gaetan (and others), Do you find it harder to work on yourself and get good results, than on others? 
  • David,
    Well hard to tell exactly what needs to be done before any peak state process. Generally, if there is an emotionnal activation in the present, it'd be good to get rid of it. That is, starting the peak state process from a point of being calm and peaceful.
    Beyond that, just look in your life for the major negative events. If you could change a memory of yours, what would you pick ? These are biographical traumas, and they have a big impact generally. So, healing a few of them could make a big difference.

    Working with a skilled therapist is paramount. I myself had already done maybe a hundred therapy sessions in various modalities before I started doing peak states. Doing a bit is a good idea. WHH is great ! EFT is also very useful, and I'd recommend starting with it actually.

    I don't know how familiar you are with healing your traumas.

    Working on others is generally easy for me, unless they activate me emotionnally, which sometimes happen, but not too much.

    As of working on myself, this is challenging. Sometimes it is almost impossible, and I struggle for weeks. Also, because I don't have much problem in the present, I'm very calm and at peace, there is no need to work on healing really. Then, I remind myself I really really want to make progress in this field and gain new peak states, so I go back on track. This demand efforts of course. It all depends how badly you want it :-)
  • Plus I want to add that, as a therapist, we still have traumas. They can produce resistance to helping a client if we have the same trauma.

    Thus, for those of us who have done a lot of work, we usually work with several other therapist to help us, because we don't have the same "blind spots". Or, we work with the advanced team who has healed sooooo much traumas they rarely resist helping a client.

    That why it is good to have teammates in this work !
  • I was wondering how many times people start work on a peak state, only to find out they have too much work that needs to be done first. 

    Gaetan, I know that situation--I can help others much, much faster than myself.  It's gotten much better just recently, but for years it was very difficult to make progress on myself.  Not even using a magnet on myself (a la The Emotion Code) worked for me! 

    I wonder why?  Might it be the lack of a "guiding healing fungus", especially if you are not hitting the meridians/acupressure points? 

    My recent advance in working on myself has been adding other methods to EFT that don't seem to rely so much on the fungus.  (I might be off a little or a lot on the above, mostly thoughts.) 

    However, just for fun I tried the first steps of installing a peak state last week, and got the symptoms of the sickness that usually accompanied it!  (It occurs after a fever; I started getting one, with sore and hot eyes, too, lol.)  I'll try to unlink them first. 
  • Not sure what you mean about "guiding healing fungus" ? Fungus can inhibit healing but several methods are efficient anyway, without interacting with them. Basic WHH is a good example.

    The chakra-meridians fungus is the main one  that directly blocks the healing of biographical traumas (apart from the one Silent Mind' getting rid of). EFT works by repairing a crystal inside the chakra. WHH works by releasing the trauma string in the nuclear pore. Both can have similar effects, as healing the chakra crystal usually release the string too.

    Basic WHH doesn't use tapping. But it is faster with the tapping because it releases the fungus resistance.

    As for the Emotion Code, since it relies on the meridians, I guess it interacts with the chakra-meridian structure.

    About getting sick when you get a peak state, well it is not supposed to happen actually. Unless you activated the Tribal Block or some other mechanism (depends on the state too).
  • Hi David and Gaetan,

    Re symptoms when getting a new peak state, this sometimes happens because of a body association(s) to the feeling of the state. The treatment is simple - just do the Body Association Technique on the feeling of the peak state. Continue until you don't have any more associations. 

    This can be a problem even for people who have never worked on having peak states. I met a woman once who was constantly 'in drama'. Turns out that the feeling of peace was associated with dying, so she would do some healing, get a short feeling of peace, then she was back into a new emotional turmoil. 

    Also, identifying this reason why people were resisting getting peak states was how we discovered the borg fungal infection in the first place. Thus, I would also look at the tribal block problem around getting a peak state, if you haven't already gotten rid of your borg fungal infection. 

    All my best,
  •  Hello, I was re-reading the chapter about Creator State with the knowledge of the "fungus infection". If I am not mistaken I got the idea that some of the structures that carry our CoA split from Creator like the tubes that connect us to the Creator plane (which by the way are kinda creepy reading about them but haven't tried them made me think of the Matrix!)  are actually fungal in nature?
    What are your findings about this?
    Also looking for chakra and meridian threads on the forum (pun not intended) I found also one that asks about the necessity for them (for instance the minimal sleep state that needs their integration, not their elimination)
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you very much
  • Is there an updated price list?  This is the last one I can find:

    Also, how much would typical processes for peak states run (even if it's $estimated/hr), and how one find out which practitioner can do which peak states/ processes? 
  • All the practitioner that are certified Peak States can do Peak States work: Silent Mind, Inner Peace, Optimal Life Path, Brain Light, Peak Experience to Peak States process.

    To know which one can do it, read their description or the categories they have listed on the right column of their profile. And also if you seee the word Certified Peak States therapist, it means they can do Peak States work.

    For the price, I only know the one in canadian dollars (around 1500 canaian dollars for Inner Peace, Silent Mind and Peak Experience to Peak States).

    Usually it's a 7h total to have the full state.
    Some people complete the process quicker than other. 
    And some people conplete it slower than other (more than 7h).

  • edited July 2019
    Thanks, Julien.

    I THINK I figured out I had 'Essence of Self' state, but it was hard to figure out because there is so little about it:

    "• Characteristics: The person feels more solid, centered, and doesn't 'fall apart' when under stress.
    • Cause: Total fusion of the chromosomes in the nucleolus.
    • Comments: This state is the absence of the parental directing selves and of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). We may rename this state in the future if we can identify a more distinct common experiential attribute. We require our advanced students to have this state.
    • Frequency: Roughly 70% have MPD to some degree. Virtually everyone has some degree of separate father and mother directing selves. "

    I did find one or two other comments that add more, but not much.  So I was trying to figure out how much it would cost to get that state.  "More solid?"  I felt like a rock!  "stress"?  I felt none, and it seemed like it wasn't possible to feel any stress.  "Centered"?  Yes, and completely grounded.  Actually, it felt like there was no separation between my being--it seemed like complete fusion of every part that made my being.  It seemed like life path was there, mind was silent, no pain or tiredness anywhere in my body, etc.  The main thing was supreme confidence and okayness with whatever happened, my usual negativity, judgment, worry, anxiety, depression, etc. were completely missing.  It just seemed weird, thinking about it now, that it was like a whole bunch of peak states wrapped up in one.  (Unfortunately, it only lasted about 20 minutes...)

    I was wondering if anyone with this state got it first, before any of the others (like all the advanced students)?  Time-wise, was there a difference in acquiring the state? 
  • This state seems to be the description of the Column of Self repair process once done.
    That's at the moment only advanced peak states therapist can do.

  • Julien, I'll have to look at that one, too, thanks! 
  • Are there any people who have eliminated the Creator fungus? If yes, what do they find is there instead of it after it's removed? Thank you.
  • I talked to Grant about it (Creator fungus) in August 2019, and no success so far. Because it's part of the fundamental parasite infection of the humanity. So working directly on it, don't do anything. But in a near future we hope to have a solution to the Creator fungus and other related things.

    @David and @Antonella_Ercolani I see that you post a lot of technical, biological questions, and that's great. We need more people in the world like you, that are challenging the current view of the world and healing.

    But if you are not an ISPS certified therapist yet, you should do the ISPS training! :)
    Like that you will have access to a lot more of informations and some research news and be able to be test subject if you want on some new processes from the research team, and also do some applied research if you would like to. :)

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