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OCD project and Social phobia

I was delighted to read about the progress being made for this and related diseases, 
specifically to Social Phobia.
It was explained there are two fungal pathogens involved, the 'fear'  and 'contamination' components.

Now for something like Social phobia, the fear fungus seems obviously at play, but I'm curious if that component alone, or another aswell is involved. Could the 'contamination' bug be perceived in a different way, perhaps? Instead of germs, etc, it has a damaged social identity context.. Ex. "I'm defective as a individual somehow. I can't let anyone close or they'll  find out". The preoccupation  in SP is one's perceived  inferiority and faults always at risk of being exposed, along with extreme self consciousness , shame, and humilation. A negative spotlight.
So, I'm wondering if there has been research into this. 

Thank you much!


  • I can't say if your 'social phobia' is a disease process or not, but what you describe is often how generational traumas are experienced by people. That there is something intrinsically wrong with them, and these issues feel very 'personal'. I would suggest seeing if healing them fixes your problem first, as the technique is very simple to use. I'd start with EFT on your own and if that did not work, see a certified therapist. 
  • Yes, I look forward to working with a Institute therapist. 

    I should clarify my query:
    Is there implication of this cytoplasm fear fungus perhaps playing a role in the etiology of a 
    and SAD

    disease process?

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