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Hi there,

These questions are prompted by my recent viewing of the video in the recent conference regarding neediness/co-dependence and s- holes.

My question is regarding what are the qualities of the neediness , and also how do s-holes give the feeling that nothing seems to work?

Is it a case that having a problem creates the need for healing/healers and thus creates the neediness?

I suspect i might have this problem , thats my other reason for asking! I've tried lots of healing but i identify with the feeling that nothing seems to work! I could be jumping the gun a little there but i'm very curious.


  • I can understand your experience.

    I had this issue.
    When I had s-holes triggered I was going into victim mode, not taking responsability for my healing and wanting people to support me and help me. So i was complaining, and not trying very hard to heal myself.
    I was always findind some excuses on why the healing/techniques was not working on me.
    S-holes can trigger negative emotions in you that can then affect your ability to heal.

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