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Research on EFT and others points

Questions with Grant, February 2014 :

2) What did research show about using EFT points an other points for trauma healing ?


  • Grant : we discovered that different points have different effects. Most of the points used in EFT have a rather indirect effect on healing the trauma. For instance, the points on the face are soothing down the emotions, calming down the person, and allow them to focus on the trauma.
    The most important point in our view is the 9 gamut point, because its' effects are directly impacting the genes' histones, repairing them. To understand why this is crucial, one has to read peak states Vol 2 to understand the underlying biology of trauma in the primary cell.
    The 9-gamut point effects are not obvious to someone who is not doing research, because its effects only appears after 1,5 -3 minutes of nothing much else happening in the session.
    We didn’t have time to investigate other points, as we had already found what we were looking for.
    However, we suspect Alexandre Nadeau’s point to have effect on core issues.

  • In TFT they teach that different points affect different types of trauma..Fear, sadness etc.  We did not research that in PS work as Ingka says it is irrelevant to what we are doing
  • Dear Ingka,

    I have looked for some time now but haven't found out which point you mean by "Alexandre Dadeau's point".
    However, that would be interesting.

    Thank you.
  • edited January 2016
    Hi Robert,
    I think she means 'Alexandre Nadeau', who lives in Quebec, Canada. His website is, which is unfortunately in French. I don't know the answer either about his 'point' effecting core issues. Must be something that Ingka came across.
    However, there is a therapy that I suspect focuses just on core issues. It is the Yuen Method at He uses a motion along the spine to get his healing effect. Neither I nor my staff have had any personal experience with this, but some we've talked to were impressed by the technique.
  • Alexandre Nadeau's technique is easy to use.
    Just look at the videos :
    The point to massage is the small hollow space between the arm and the pectoral.

    The phrase he uses is "Even though I have this (emotion/problem), I deeply love and accept myself, I completely forgive myself and whoever contributed to create that (emotion/problem)".

    I like the fact that he uses forgiveness, to oneself and anybody else. It seems to work, even though we don't consciously reckon who we are forgiving.
  • I've found being unwilling to forgive the biggest obstacle to EFT healing. 

    I wonder how forgiveness might tie in with peak states, if it did.
  • Hi David,
    Simply put, from my perspective, forgiveness is key for healing, for someone who is resisting to things.
    The Creator Light state gives unconditionnal acceptance, making forgiveness automatic/irrelevant, and it accelerates healing tremendously. Thus, there is mechanism involving the Creator that can slows healing or speed it up.
    That is also why healing is so simple for people who have the Beauty Way or better states : they do not resist to "reality". That's what some of them are teaching, such as Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie, but of course that's easy from the right peak state.
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