The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) is a world-wide research, teaching, and clinical treatment organization focused on the study of the psychology and biology of consciousness. Our groundbreaking discoveries in prenatal development have led to the creation of techniques for acquiring exceptional states of consciousness. This tremendously exciting and new field also has stunning, practical applications in the areas of psychology and medicine.
 Subcelllular Psychobiology cover
            Our original research efforts were centered around understanding the cause of spiritual, shamanic, and transpersonal experiences. This led to the discovery of the existence of various 'peak states' of consciousness - many of which have a profound impact on quality of life - and the development of our prenatal 'developmental events model' that explains the cause of peak experiences, events, and abilities. We have mapped the overall structure of this new frontier of science, but it will be decades before all the applications of this work are explored.
            Our model provides a cohesive, theoretical framework that explains how psychological and spiritual techniques work, allowing us to derive entirely new methods and predict previously undiscovered phenomena. This has led to the discovery of the underlying causes for a number of devastating mental (and some physical) diseases, many of which have been considered incurable.
            The Institute also encourages and supports the growth of this entire new field by searching for and providing links to other
non-Institute approaches for acquiring peak states.

            To turn research into practice, we now have a school teaching our work to professionals internationally. Client safety is of utmost importance to us, so the Institute's professional training program certifies and licenses
professional classes cover three different areas:
  • Psychological healing techniques that widen the range of problems that a therapist can treat. They can be used on their own or as a complement to most other healing modalities, and can be easily added to a therapist's healing repertoire. The best known is Whole-Hearted Healing, a regression technique that is suitable for everyone. It easily accesses and heals prenatal events. The technique is given on this website as a public service.
    Cover Peak States of Consciousness
  • Theory and methods for acquiring a variety of different, permanent peak states of consciousness. Although these techniques are only suitable for healthy people, therapists can use them to acquire particular peak states that give the therapist, after training, the ability to heal clients' major traumas extremely quickly and painlessly.
  • Specializations -  the teaching and licensing of therapists in the treatment of specific diseases. Our techniques are fast, effective, and permanent.
            The Institute is also pioneering a new way to deliver health care - a 'charge for results only' approach to both psychological and physical conditions.
            Currently the Institute focuses on just a few of the huge number of potential diseases our approach could address. Our
current clinical projects include addictions, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and autism. This is a work in progress - the addictions process is ready for clients, others are being tested and should be available soon, and some are still being derived.
            Some of our processes are used by licensed
therapists in their own offices. The Institute also has several clinical facilities nationally and internationally (the country flags on the left link to them).
About the Institute
            The core purpose of this
Institute is to find ways to improve the quality of life for all of mankind. We've written this website to help professionals and laypeople become informed on the specifics of our discoveries and keep updated as our work progresses - and to attract people who share our vision. We have a free newsletter that you may wish to subscribe to by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please get in touch. Enjoy!
~Frank Downey, CEO
~Grant McFetridge Ph.D, founder


Added Dec 11, 2014: Lectures on subcellular psychobiology by Dr. McFetridge are now online. Filmed in Denmark in 2007, these lectures cover some of the basics of this new field, including some of the safety issues.

Added Nov 21, 2014: We now have an in-house weekend course on treating spiritual emergencies that fulfills that Peak States Therapist certification requirement. It is taught from a subcellular and developmental psychobiology perspective. Our new Spiritual Emergencies textbook will be used in the course.

Added Nov 15, 2014:
Our Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook has been published and is now on Amazon, where you can 'look inside the book'. Written for therapists and psychiatrists, it is used in our professional training. You might enjoy our blog about how this work came about, and why it took us 12 years to publish.

cover of Volume 2 of Peak States
Added Sept 30, 2014: A 'how-to' article for therapists on what 'pay for results' means and how to implement it in their practice. It is a copy of chapter 3 and appendix 10 from our new Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.

Added April 7, 2014:
Now online is a two hour video explaining the Inner Peace state and our trauma-based approach for acquiring it. Filmed in 2002, it shows people using the process in a workshop setting and their results. We've also included a short blog entry about the history of the film and what happened to it.

Added Jan 27, 2014:
On a new safety bulletin webpage, we explain that suicidal feelings are caused by a triggered placenta death trauma from birth; and discuss the ramifications for therapy and treatment.

Added Sept 23, 2013: Our clinics now have a 'pay for results' treatment for ADHD.

Added Aug 22, 2013:
Paula Courteau's new book, Whole-Hearted Healing Workbook has been published in English and in Danish. It is available from Amazon. For more information, go to the Bookstore page.

Added May 9, 2013:
Dr. McFetridge will be in Krakow, Poland from June 14 - July 17. He will be giving PeakStates therapist support classes and a month long therapist training in Polish.

Note to readers, Jan 15, 2013:
We are upgrading our software for the website to a newer version. Expect problems in viewing various pages. If you want to report a problem, email Grant at PeakStates.com. Thanks for your patience!

Added September 5, 2012 -
We made a new website, designed for clients who wish to find and work with a PeakStates therapist. It is simple, with simple information for clients, such as descriptions of the various conditions and problems we can treat well. Clicking on the menu bar "Find Trained Therapists" sends you there automatically. www.PeakStatesTherapy.com

Added August 4, 2012 -
We added a forum to our site - see the main navigation bar on the left. This is an experiment, we hope it will be useful for people who are interested in state of the art approaches to peak states being done by various organizations; and to give a place for the public to ask questions about WHH and trauma healing.

Added July 13, 2012 - Radio interview with Dr. McFetridge about the peak states research and applications. You can download the file (right click on this link, 28MB) or listen to it on the webpage. It aired Saturday June 2, 2012. (Note: the link has been repaired - Aug 12, 2012)

Added October 13, 2011 - New short explanatory videos about peak states and our work are now available. See www.youtube.com/user/InstitutePeakStates about peak states. Other videos about our clinical processes are at www.youtube.com/user/peakstatestherapy.

Added July 3, 2011
- We are re-starting our training program for therapists and laypeople.

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