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'Pay for Results'
Sept 23, 2013

Therapists certified by the Institute use a 'pay for results' fee structure in all their psychotherapy work (whether they use Institute techniques or not).

This means that at the beginning of treatment, the client and the therapist first agree on what they intend to accomplish. If the goal is achieved, the client is charged the previously agreed upon amount - if not, there is no fee. In some cases, the Institute pre-sets what the result must be: the addiction technique must fully eliminate cravings, the voices that schizophrenics hear must be completely gone, targeted peak states must have the listed characteristics, and so on. (Note that in some cases, the pay for results' fee system isn't applicable; such as in training situations.)

At the client's first appointment, the certified therapist will give the client an information sheet containing more information on this and other aspects of the therapy. You can download a typical form, and get answers to typical questions from our therapists' website.

For more information, see The certified therapist's Ethical and Professional Code.

The Institute takes the principle of client contracts and 'paying for results' very seriously. If you, as a client, feel that your contract with your certified therapist was not met yet payment is still requested, and you can't reach resolution with the therapist, please email the Institute or phone the Institute office in Canada at +1 250-509-0514.

    The Institute is a pioneer in the use of this results-based system in the field of psychotherapy. Although unusual in psychotherapy and medicine, it is standard practice in many other disciplines. We hope that our example will encourage others in the field of psychotherapy to also switch to this performance-based fee structure. For more on this, see a therapist's guide to 'pay for results'.

Suggested Reading
  • The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationships by Kylea Taylor and Jack Kornfield (1995).
  • "Pay for Results" by Dr. Grant McFetridge. This PDF has four parts:
    • "Understanding 'Pay for Results' for Therapists". This is Chapter 3 from the Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.
    • "Examples of 'Pay for Results' Contracts". This is Appendix 2 from the Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.
    • "Pay for Results' – Fee Computation Guide". This is Appendix 10 from the Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook.
    • “Pay for Results – Statistical and Mathematical Modeling for Fee Calculations”. It derives the underlying equations and statistical models for optimum fees used in appendix 10 for fixed-fee and variable fee pricing for therapists.

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Revision History

Sep 23, 2013: Added a link to contact the Institute if there is a problem with a 'pay for results' agreement with a certified therapist.
Oct 31, 2008: First version of this webpage.