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"3rd International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium" March 31, 2022
Our second free online conference is April 3-4, 2021.

"2nd International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium"
Feb 21, 2021
Our second free online conference is April 3-4, 2021.

"Using Psycho-immunology for COVID-19"
August 3, 2020
We are asking for volunteers to test a psychological process to eliminate COVID-19 symptoms.

"1st International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium" March 29, 2020
Our first conference for researchers in this rapidly emerging new field.

"Brain Injury Congress" April 18, 2019
Presenting a study at the International Brain Injury Association Congress in Toronto, Canada on our TBI process.

"Traumatic Brain Injury" April 5, 2018
Did you know that we've had a technique for healing TBI since 2009? This newsletter talks about Mary Pellicer MD's efforts to get it out into the world.

"Silence the Voices" Dec 16, 2017
Our new book on the biology and treatment for 'hearing (ribosomal) voices" is now on Amazon. And a request for Lyme disease volunteers. And new staff at the Institute.

"Smoking and Other Addictions" May 14, 2016
This is about our new smoking addiction treatment, that was first used by our certified therapist in December of 2015.

"Spiritual Emergencies" June 18, 2015
About our work in finding treatments for many of these problems, and our new Skype training for laypeople and professionals in this area.

"Subcellular Psychobiology" Nov 23, 2014
Announcing the new
Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook; and the new Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) treatment.

"Healing Addictions" #15, May 25, 2009
We address the issue of charge for results with addictions clients, and give two excellent case studies. We also talk about the restructuring of the trainings, using the new clinics as teaching/practicum centers.

"How EFT Works, Part 1: Making EFT Irreversible" #14, November 24, 2008
This issue describes how EFT works in the primary cell, why it can be reversed in some cases, and how to make it irreversible. We also give updates on our clinics and other news for our students.

"Peak States of Consciousness, Volume 2" November 21, 2008
Announcing the publication of Volume 2 of
Peak States of Consciousness; and an update on our new clinics in Scotland and Australia.

"All Things Musical" #13, April 26, 2008
This issue discusses the use of music in our healing and peak states processes. We also give updates on the clinics and other facets of our work.

"Moving Out on One's Own" #12, September 4, 2007
One of the biggest problems new students face is the letdown after a training ends, and how to continue to put the time and energy in to get certified. This newsletter draws attention to this, and outlines a number of suggestions on how to deal with it and one's own inner work. The issue of safety and restricting the use of the material taught in class is also revisited via a response to students emails.

"Expanding to the UK" #11, July 6, 2007
Update on our recent training in Scotland. There is also more material about certification from Nemi, and an on-line course for the required module on Spiritual Emergency. There is also two followup letters from students in Scotland about how their lives changed in unexpected ways from the training.

"Working Through Resistance to Approaching Traumas" #10, February 10, 2007
A detailed case study of working through the resistance to becoming aware of traumas in a sexually abused client. Also, and addition to the ethical guidelines, current certification progress, and more.

"Training Standards" January 1, 2007
An update on our new international training centers, student safety and ethical standards, teleclass program for students, and the addiction project's progress.

"Charging for Results" #9, November 2, 2006
Ways to implement this new way to working with clients, with some examples.

"Developing the Brain Light State Process" #8, October 15, 2006
Public teleclass on the Nadeau/Johannsen approach coming up. How the Brain Light state process was developed.

"When All Hell Breaks Loose" #7 Sept 22, 2006:
Upcoming teleclasses. Some examples of 'big traumas'. Why this happens, and how to deal with it and cope in daily life.

"On Certification" #6 August 26, 2006:
Discussion on basic certification, with different viewpoints from several ISPS staff.

"More on Seeing and Perceiving" #5 August 8, 2006:
More discussion on 'seeing' brain awarenesses and perceiving other non-ordinary phenomena, by a number of ISPS staff, and other colleagues.

"Seeing and Perceiving" #4, July 21, 2006:
Discussion on the "seeing brain awarenesses" ability.

"The Latest from the Institute" #3, June 29, 2006:
Updates on TeleClasses; new discoveries while teaching in Poland; Nemi Nath is a new instructor in Australia and Europe; meet the ISPS - Frank Downey, CEO.

"Student Questions" #2, June 4, 2006:
Updates on Teleclasses; working with diabetic clients; about misunderstood Gaia commands; stories from the recent Brain Communication state teleclass.

"TeleClasses, Student Groups, and Questions" #1, May 2006:
Teleclass on the Brain Communication state; endpoints to healing; healing others during the teleclass; about the Brain Light state; about the primary cell; a local support group.

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