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Support Newsletter No. 1, May 2006

 "TeleClasses, Student Groups, and Questions"

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From the Editor Paula Courteau…
About our new newsletter.
Upcoming Teleclasses
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Your questions...
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            About the end point to healing
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            About the brain light state
            About the primary cell
An example of a local support group

From the Editor Paula Courteau…
        This is the first issue of our newsletter. We hope to make it a regular occurrence, but we're not yet sure how regular!  We're still inventing as we go.  We had many discussions about the content of the newsletter vs. the content of the regular postings on the WHH list; one person started off with the belief that "nobody ever reads the list postings" while another started off with the belief that "nobody ever reads newsletters"!  (Oh, all right. Let's start over.)
        What we're hoping to do with the newsletter is to archive it on the Peak States website and couple it with a search function, so that it becomes a bank of case studies, frequently asked questions, stories and advice, a bit like the wonderful info bank on the EFT website.  This dictates that the newsletter should contain items that have a longer-term interest, items that a new student could read and learn from a year or two from now. On the other hand, the day-to-day questions about phone cards and the topic of next teleclass -- the perishable items, if you will -- will continue to appear as regular postings on the list.
        To avoid too long a time lag on your burning questions, I'll try to answer you directly as soon as I can, and, if the topic is relevant to the group, I'll edit it into an item for the newsletter. I'd love to know when I have permission to use your stories and questions, so when you email, please let me know how you'd like me to treat the question. If it's very personal and you'd prefer the discussion to stay off-list, it'll stay confidential; I also have the option to edit out the references to the specific student who wrote the query or story, (as I did with some of the items below) but if you feel comfortable about my quoting you by name, please let me know, because it makes the stories more alive and more real (plus you get bragging rights...).
        Keep sending your questions to
Support email. They will be referred to someone who's likely to have the answer; and if we're not sure, we’ll get someone else's take on it.  It's fun when we can include more than one instructor's perspective, as we each have our particular modes of perception and  our own bank of experiences... as you'll see below. It all adds up to a larger vision.

Upcoming Teleclasses
        Invitations to participate in Conference Call Teleclasses are sent to students who have asked to be on the mailing list.  These short classes are available for students who have already taken our Basic Peak States Therapist training and want to keep up to date on new or updated peak states processes, or hear lectures useful for ISPS certification. If you would like to be added to the list please email us with the following details:

Email to:
TeleClass email
Email Subject: INVITE REQUEST - ISPS TeleClass
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Location/Time Zone:

        If you are unsure about your time zone you may find the following website useful, follow your location right down and you will end up with your time zone information and its reference to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - email those.
        Once a process begins, it can take one to three weeks for the students to complete.  Only students who enroll at the beginning of the Teleclass are invited to continue the process.  When the process is complete, we will announce the next Teleclass, which will be open to all eligible students.
        Teleclass cost is $30.00US per 2 hour phone class (you also pay for the long distance charges to call Iowa in the USA). You will receive payment instructions after you reply to the email invitation.  A class is typically two phone sessions spread a week apart. If you attend 4 classes, the fifth one is only $5.00US, making every five calls cost a total of $125.00US. The class is at 6PM EST, 3PM PST in the US, and 8am in Sydney , Australia.
        In addition we ask each participant to provide our Student Relations Coordinator with the name and contact information for a “buddy,” who understands the type of work you are doing, agrees to monitor your emotional and physical well-being, and knows what to do in the event of an emergency.  Email
Monti email or call Monti at 843-588-1305.

Current Teleclass:  Brain Communication State
        The current Teleclass, which began May 13, 2006, is a process for permanently acquiring the ability to 'hear' your triune brains. Although they don't speak in words, the communication is similar to language, and each brain has a characteristic communication 'style'. This is a relatively new process, and must be considered to be potentially dangerous. As usual, we will have advanced healers ready during and after the call to help students who encounter unusual difficulties or go into crisis.
        This state can make healing much, much easier. The triune brains (which are like your 'kids') can help a person heal developmental events by helping the person find trauma they might have missed or avoided.
        However, this state is NOT appropriate for many students. After the state is acquired, the brains can and will express their feelings and viewpoints. If they are dysfunctionally motivated due to traumatic experiences in their past, they will let you know directly how they feel - and you cannot shut them out or ignore them. Thus, for many people, this state will mean that you will be thrown into inner 'crisis management' and healing to deal with this, especially at the beginning. If this is not something you have the time or inclination to do, you should not attend this teleclass. In addition, If you do not have the silent mind state, this process is NOT appropriate for you under any circumstances.
        This process is running for one more week, after which we will take a break while Grant McFetridge and Tal Laks are teaching in Poland.  The next Teleclass will begin on June 17, 2006.  We will announce the topic as soon as we can.

Your Questions
About the end point to healing:
        It seems to me that in teleconferences etc that we aim for C.P.L (calm, peace & light) and that it is a target of healing. In breathwork and other therapies C.P.L is a place where other healing takes place and clients are encouraged to stay there (I still do this with clients and myself) does this principle apply to Teleconferences....etc? Are people going for C.P.L. and forgetting big and bright? I sometimes do commands at home for hours and hours on end. I stay in C.P.L for 10 minutes and sometimes something else will shift or move....

Grant answers:
        The *result* of healing is CPL, with perception of being large and bright (L+B) for pre-birth trauma.
        This is apparently different than what you describe breathworkers do. We don't try and superimpose CPL on the trauma. In my experience, superimposing CPL on a trauma is just like whip-cream on a cowpat - it wears off.  Instead, we search out the injury crap and wait till CPL, L+B occur naturally. With the notable exception of someone who can help his earlier self maintain a fusion state and so heal much more quickly, but the endpoint is the same - when he lets go, the fetus is CPL and large and bright everywhere, in-body, all on his own.
        The problem I encountered working with other techniques is that nobody had any way of telling when they were fully healed.  People are supposed to stay till L+B- it was part of the training, after all - but perhaps some people who aren't used to using WHH forget. Feel free to remind me to say it at the beginning of the calls, as I just assume everyone knows this.

Paula adds:
        Yes, it's possible that we tend to forget the 'large and bright' part.
We tend to 'drive' things a bit fast in the teleconferences, get people to the end line as fast as possible, given the time constraints. I think it might be a good idea to note down the commands and rerun them on your own after the call, especially if you didn't get the end result completely clear...
        And yes, usually in WHH we try to stay with the commands for a few minutes after CPL because more traumas can come up. Except that for people with a big trauma load (like me), CPL shows up for about 0 or 20 seconds, then the next (often unrelated) trauma takes centre stage. For me to have 10 minutes of uninterrupted CPL, the way things have been, would take several weeks of uninterrupted session (when do I get a pee break???) (But Grant reminds me that I'm atypical. I think I'll change my name to 'Isolated Exception' :)
        What we *did* find in the earlier conference calls on Silent Mind and the Shell removal, was that when we run a series of commands and someone is CPL on one command, and stays with the regression (while other students catch up, in this example), other traumas sometimes appear, but they belong with the *next* command! You simply tend to want to complete the sequence.
        So our end point is CPL, large and bright (if you're working pre-birth), *and* if you look at the starting issue, there's no out-of-body image and there's no charge at all left. *Other* issues might still be active, but your starting one is clear, or you have the state or ability you targeted 100%.

About healing others during TeleClasses
        People have been asking about whether they should be helping other students out during the teleclasses. One student emailed that he had been doing this, tuning in and sometimes releasing traumas for fellow students. This prompted some reactions. One student writes:
         "... there was a part of it that struck me in an uncomfortable way. Where he talks about releasing things for others, do you think that is crossing the line in any way?  I know that I am so tuned in to my field and I want to know what I have done to create an end result - if someone else steps in unknown to me it kind of messes that equation up, wouldn't you agree? I am certainly most grateful for feedback of any kind from others but I really do want to do my own work as I am intricately tracking it."

Paula answers:
        This group has done lots of healing circles, both during teleconferences and within smaller groups working together on home turf. But the teleclasses are a different format.
        First up is the issue of consent. In a healing circle, consent is explicit. The person wishing to be healed is aware of the variety of experience and background in the group, and fully consents to everyone helping out according to their capabilities. Teleclasses are different: they are about individual healing and each student has his or her own goal.
        Then there's Gaia's take... We're getting that people are only fully safe to use advanced techniques on others after all their brains are healed to the point where they have at least a 60% choice for good.  (This is a very recent finding. The Australian crew already knows about this, but it might be news to others. This is why we're now holding off on teaching advanced WHH and Spaciousness until the more advanced workshops, and why we're taking the risks to do the Seeing the Brains process... so people can check and heal themselves, in preparation for the advanced classes.)
        Now, I personally am still having sessions with people who do advanced techniques and haven't finished healing their good/evil scores... and I greatly value the help they give me... but these are individual sessions, I know who's working on me, I know what problem I'm working on.  If a problem were to appear in me, it would be easy to track down and heal. But if you can't tell who's been working on you when, it's much harder to deal with.
        So, work with each other individually or in small groups, after obtaining consent, if you know the techniques and wish to practice. I DON'T recommend that you heal clients that way until you've been certified to do so.
        There's a big difference between using advanced techniques on someone and the more general concept of 'sending good energy' or 'making space' and all these varieties of good intentions. I honestly don't have the insights to know what this accomplishes, but as I've mentioned in one call, I'll gratefully be at the receiving end of your good wishes any day. Advanced healing techniques are specific and definite interventions, with the potential for great good but also great harm, and we must exercise care in how and why we apply them.
        Having said all this, I'd be remiss not to clarify what Institute healers (Tal Laks, so far, but there will be others) are doing on the calls!
        Tal has cleared her good/evil/ choices in all brains, and any healers intervening on the calls will have done this. She only checks in and heals people when they seem stuck. If the majority of the class is CPL on a command and you're still in heavy trauma, you're likely to get a brief intervention, just enough to get you on your way (because 5 or 6 more people might need healing during this 10- minute segment).
        We've been assuming consent here, but maybe this is a mistake... So if you prefer that nobody at all work on you during the calls, please let us know.
        We'll skip over when doing interventions. I don't recommend this, by the way, because we're really wanting to get people through as quickly and safely as possible. And once again you can reasonably know when an Institute healer will work on you: it'll be a brief intervention after you've verbalized that you still have traumas after a round or two of working on a command. The rest of the time, you can safely credit yourself for any progress you've made.

About the brain light state
        "I would love to find out more about the brain light state and the commands/time of occurrence in the developmental stage. It is mentioned several times in the books, but I couldn’t find instructions how to do it. I wondered if this would be better to do before the seeing the brain process?"

Grant answers:
        There are actually two completely different 'inner brightness' states - the brain light state and the Creator light state. Because they're hard for people without experience to differentiate, we lump them under the inner brightness state name.  Neither have Gaia command processes - instead, we currently use trauma healing techniques to acquire them. The Creator light state is an advanced state (and potentially dangerous so not taught at your level), while the brain light state results from healing the good or evil choices the brains make.  Seeing images doesn't appear to be related to either of the inner brightness states, but we're not yet sure what it is related to - which is why we teach image streaming in the Basic PeakStates class, as a substitute until we figure out a more direct way of getting everyone to see images.

About the primary cell:
        Tourmaline writes: "I have some questions around the primary cell. Many of the books and diagrams I've looked at show ribosomes and endoplasmic membrane not attached to the nucleus membrane or to each other.  Am I to take it that this is so and that that some traumas simply don't connect?"

Grant answers:
        Not all ribosomes are a problem - only ones that involve 'strings' that lead to bad genes. There are a couple of isolated exceptions, but are almost never encountered. The ribosomes in the illustrations are working correctly, as far as I know. Primary cell has different appearance, to some extent, than ordinary cells.

Paula adds:
        I do remember Maureen Chandler (the healer who discovered vortices) saying that there are free-floating crumples, that are not attached to anything. She found a lot in me, and they were a problem. But I understand this is the sort of 'isolated exceptions' Grant is talking about.

An example of a local support group
        Here's something else from Tourmaline: a description of the small support group (dubbed the 'micronauts') set up by some of the students in Australia. There have been several such local groups on and off. Some of the folks in Columbus, Ohio also meet from time to time to work together. Others have regular phone or Skype sessions together and support each other that way. In Canada, there's a well-worn electronic pathway through the phone wires between Ottawa and Hornby Island, 3 time zones away.  The wonder about this particular group is the breadth of their commitment and the multitude of ways they share resources, from integrating the different techniques to sharing technical know-how and artistic talent.  I'm hoping this will inspire more partnerships and teamwork between students.  It's an amazing way to progress, support each other, and break the isolation.  I'm hoping this will inspire more partnerships and teamwork between students...
        It's an amazing way to progress, support each other, and break the isolation..

Tourmaline writes:
        "Just an update on the micronauts. We are all doing pretty well, the group supports itself in many ways. Grant [Horsfall] has copied Gaia commands, Silent Mind, good and evil and humanity disc, Inner Peace, Spaciousness state, birth and placental death, Gaia Communication state, as they appear in our manuals, and we all use these both together and separately in our own homes. This also makes it easier for us rather than individually creating cds or tapes.
        "I am currently collecting for the group the full set of EFT videos and I am currently drawing a picture (poster size) of the primary cell for those in the group who want one.
        "We meet every 3 weeks on a Sunday to do commands together and we all agree this is more solid in results than the teleconference calls (something to do with the live group energy). We also meet at least once in between these weekends to do commands together at Grant H's home (note that we all live between 20 and 90 km apart, so there is a good commitment on everybody's ). The group also supports each other by doing swap sessions one on one and in small groups in between these preset dates.
        "We share E.F.T., bodywork, breathwork, Gaia commands, wisdom, regression and much more. I am currently working with Annie O'Grady doing EFT on my dyslexic problems with growing success. We also have a fantastic support system in place between us, all constantly having access to each other's skills, time and resources. I think you would all be somewhat blown away if you knew how much time, effort and dedication people in the micronauts are putting in and how much clearing and healing is taking place.
        "We are currently discussing a Constellation workshop together and our next topic will be how to support in his work a member who has felt somewhat overwhelmed by now. So that's a little update."

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