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"1st International Psycho-immunology & Psychobiology Research Symposium"

March 29, 2020

From the editor... 

Greetings from Canada!

Next weekend, we're having our first international psychobiology and psych-immunology research symposium April 4-6, 2020.

It's free, and open to the public via Zoom. To watch the presentations, ask questions, and in some cases participate, pre-register at this Zoom web address

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Till next time...

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From the editor
It's now online...

Our 1st international symposium
Join us at our research symposium

Schedule of talks
Our program of talks and forums

McFetridge photo
Our 1st international symposium

By Dr. Grant McFetridge

Next week we're having our first international research symposium in the areas of psychobiology and psych-immunology. We had originally planned to have it as a small gathering at my home in Canada, with anyone who was interested watching via Zoom. With the advent of the coronavirus, we're now doing everything online. 

When is the symposium?
The dates are April 4 (Saturday) to April 6 (Monday), from 8am - 1pm Pacific time zone (17:00 - 22:00 CEST).

How do I register for the symposium?
Click on this link to go to a Zoom webpage and sign up. There are 100 slots available, so it is on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

What is this symposium about?
The fields of psychobiology and psycho-immunology have made fundamental breakthroughs in the last few years, taking research out of the lab and into practice with clients. The speakers at this symposium will be talking about various theoretical breakthroughs and practical applications in a number of areas.

Do I have to be an expert to understand these talks?
No. Obviously there will be presentations that require a medical or biologist's background, but others will be easily understood by a layperson. Like any meeting, it is up to you to pick and choose what sounds interesting - have fun with them!

How can I present my own work at the symposium?
One of the main reasons we are holding this symposium was to find other researchers in the field of psychobiology and psycho-immunology. If you have a passion for this area and would like to share it with your peers, please write me at

How can I get more information?
We have a PDF and a webpage describing this upcoming symposium next weekend. Click here to go to the Institute webpage for more information.

Our symposium's schedule of talks

By Shayne McKenzie, CEO

It has been fascinating putting together the talks for this symposium!

We start with an overview of our breakthroughs in this area in a one hour lecture at the start of the symposium on Saturday. After that, you will need to continuously go online to view the list of talks, as we will be adjusting it on the fly during the conference. Click here to see the continuously updated list of times, talks, and presenters on the Institute webpage.
Saturday, April 4 2020 (tentative schedule)
8-9am Pacific Time (17:00-18:00 CEST) Dr. Grant McFetridge (Canada)
     Understanding the Institute's approach to psychobiology, with some applications.

9-9:30am Pacific Time (18:00-18:30 CEST) - Dr. Grant McFetridge (Canada)
     Questions and answers with the audience.

9:30 - 10am Pacific Time (18:30-19:00 CEST) - Dr. Kirsten Lykkegaard (Denmark)
     Paradigm shift - conflicting world views

10-10:30am Pacific Time (19:00-19:30 CEST) - Dr. Celine Guerin (France)
     Epigenetics - how it relates to stress and PTSD with implications to psychobiology research

10:30-11:00am Pacific Time (19:30-20:00 CEST) - Jennifer Beattie M.Sc. (Canada)
     Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment

11-11:30am Pacific Time (20:00-20:30 CEST) - Gaetan Klein
     Asperger's Syndrome treatment using psychobiology

11:30-12:30am Pacific Time (20:30-21:30 CEST) - Daniel Suboski & Matthew Learning (Canada)
     Delivering the future

12:30-1:00pm Pacific Time (21:30-22:00 CEST) - Nemi Nath (Australia)
     To be announced
Sunday April 5, 2020 - tentative schedule
8:00-8:30am Pacific Time (17:00-17:30 CEST) - Dr. Kirsten Lykkegaard (Denmark)
     Achieving psycho-immunity for viral and bacterial infections, with implications for coronavirus

8:30-9:00am Pacific Time (17:30-18:00 CEST) - Mary Pellicer M.D. (USA)
     Using psychobiology to heal chronic symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

9:00-9:30am Pacific Time (18:00-18:30 CEST) - Mary Pellicer M.D. (USA)
     Inner Peace Project or Fogg Behavior Model

10:30-11:00am Pacific Time (18:30-19:00 CEST) - Julien Roux & Ghita Ibnbrahim (Canada)
     Aiming to achieve the minimal sleep state

11:00-11:30am Pacific Time (19:00-19:30 CEST) - Mark Caldwell (Canada)
     Taoism and crowdsourcing in the Canadian government

11:30-12:30am Pacific Time (19:30-20:30 CEST) - Caldwell, Suboski, Learning, McKenzie
     Panel discussion - getting breakthroughs into the mainstream

12:30-1:00pm Pacific Time (20:30-21:00 CEST) - Dr. Grant McFetridge
     What's in the Institute's research pipeline?
Monday April 6, 2020 - tentative schedule
8:00-9:00am Pacific Time (17:00-18:00 CEST) - Daniel Suboski & Mathew Learning (Canada)
     Interactive session - Promoting breakthroughs

9:00-1:00pm Pacific Time (18:00-22:00 CEST) - to be determined
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