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Support Newsletter #3, June 29, 2006

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From the Editor Paula Courteau…
Upcoming Teleclasses
Basic Training in Poland
            Being in Poland
            A New Teacher for the ISPS
            New Research Developments
How Do I Get the Latest Techniques?
Frank Downey, ISPS CEO

From the Editor Paula Courteau...
Hi Everyone,
Summer in the Northern hemisphere. I'm working at sea two weeks per month, but our little Institute continues on... Grant and Tal are back from teaching two workshops in Poland, and I'd like to welcome the new students from Europe who will be joining this list just about now. I'd also like to welcome Evertt Edstrom as a new healer/helper in our teleclasses. Evertt first started WHH training in 1999 and has continued working on himself, with occasional tutoring, ever since.  He also attended the Columbus, Ohio training last year. He is still working under supervision and training intensively as I write this. His chosen emphasis is in helping and tutoring individual students.

We also welcome Nemi Nath as a Basic instructor. How wonderful it is to add more support people to our roster.

Grant has a lot of news this month, including some great stories from Poland. And our teleclass series continues, as promised, with some repeats of the first few classes that we taught, so the people who missed those classes can get up to speed.

Until next time...
                Paula Courteau

Upcoming Teleclasses
We're starting another cycle of classes about some peak states and abilities that can greatly help people along in their training. The first one is the Life Path process, which we will start next Saturday, July 1st (Sunday Down Under). The process is likely to take two weeks. This process uses regression to clear the traumas that prevent us from seeing our life's path.  It's an extremely important tool to use early on in your training, because of the huge time commitment required to go on with Institute work. It's easier to commit to this work if you know it's right for you! Note that the process is really a starting point; once you can see your life's path, it doesn't mean everything on it is resolved! You still have to heal, on your own time, anything that seems distressing about that path.  For example, one student saw, along his path, the death of a close relative; another saw her own death! This doesn't mean the process didn't work; quite the contrary. It's important to keep in mind that, once you have the ability to see them, any distressing events on your life's path can be healed. What you see isn't an unchangeable destiny: Rather, it is your most likely future, with all the fears you associate with it. It's quite amazing to witness the changes as you heal these fears. Either the events along the path change, or your reaction to them changes. This class is open to everyone who has taken at least one Peak State workshop. Some people missed the second part of the process the first time we taught the class. We invite those people to join us this week, preferably starting the process over; you will only be billed for the classes you actually missed the first time around. 

A clarification about working on yourself after the teleclasses: Although we cannot release recordings of the music we use during the teleclasses, and although we ask you to please refrain from sharing the Gaia commands we used with anyone who was not on the call, you can (and may, and should) re-run the commands on yourself to complete or deepen any process we taught in the teleclasses you attended. You must accept responsibility for your own safety when you do this; I suggest you use the same buddy system you've set up for the calls themselves. Another avenue is to use basic WHH or EFT to heal any discomfort associated with the new state or ability. Regressing on the feelings of resistance or discomfort will take you to the problem area. It is always possible that the targeted peak state or ability was partly blocked during a developmental event that isn't touched by the commands. Simple regression on the resistance will usually take care of this.

Basic Training in Poland

Tal Laks, Nemi Nath and I (Grant) taught two Basic trainings (9 days each) in Recz, Poland in May. It was quite an experience! I had never been to Europe, and never taught with a translator, so I had no idea what to expect. Neither had I met our host, Edward; and I didn’t know what his country and culture would be like.

Being in Poland            

Edward turned out to be a hard-working host and a kind, friendly person. After a night at his home and a large meal cooked by his wife Jola, we went to Recz (with all of 6 buildings in the entire town), to a very old manor house that had been rebuilt for workshops. It was quite an experience, as we had no heat, laundry, phone, or internet – but we managed. I often taught wrapped in a blanket, and many students also wrapped up. With all the rain, trying to get our washed, wet clothing  to dry was a real challenge. In 21 days, we only made it to the internet twice by getting rides to nearby towns. Also, my 10-hour jet lag would catch me at the odd time, and I would lay down at the back of the classroom and nap while Tal or Nemi taught. Then there was the cast on my broken arm to deal with.    

This was also the first time I’d worked with a translator. In the second workshop, we had a Polish and a German translator working simultaneously – with the teachers (mostly) speaking English, it was like a tower of Babel in the room! There were some very funny moments when, at times, the translators would forget which language they were supposed to be speaking in, and repeat what we were saying in English, or, in Nemi’s case, in German.

There were some other hilarious moments. In the second workshop, we somehow got to talking about bringing a chicken back from the dead. It was hilarious - the image of the chicken jumping out of the stew-pot and running off made me laugh so hard that I had to lay down and hold my painful ribs. 

We ate Polish food for all our meals – with lots of cabbage and cheese. I even gained weight. We met fine, hard working people, and were treated like visiting royalty by Edward and the host  at the manor house. Our students were quite a diverse lot – but most had breathwork training from Nemi’s school, and their background really helped. As usual, there were a number of grim moments in class due to the extreme nature of the material people were healing. For example, one participant didn’t believe my warnings that suicidal feelings could happen to anyone - and her first session of WHH put her into the full-blown experience. There was also a great example of abuse coupled with good and evil issues during one of the classes.

A New Teacher for the ISPS

I am delighted to report that we have a new Basic instructor. Nemi Nath was our host in New South Wales, Australia, in January. She came to Poland to assist the classes, and we had her teach as much as she was comfortable with. Fortunately, she’s taught breathwork for 20 years, so this work wasn’t too big a stretch for her. At the end of the second class, Tal had her doing the brain scans and the good or evil scores like a pro. Nemi has our blessings to teach the Basic course now, and she’ll be doing basic level certification soon.

New Research Developments

Tal and I spent much of our time teaching – but the rest of the time we did research, and made a number of new discoveries, or improvements to our basic material. In fact, we made so many that I feel we aren’t spending enough time following up on the discoveries that we'd already made!

First, we found a way to identify and measure the Inner Peace State by looking at a person’s primary cell. In addition, Tal feels that she may have found an earlier developmental event that will give the State to people more reliably than our current conception event. This is a very important State for most people – improving and measuring it better has been high on my priority list. As soon as we have this ready, we’ll use it on our TeleClass (after identifying people who do or don’t need it).

During the second training, we were lucky to have two people who had the Global Flat Affect problem, which is caused by jumping forward and backward in time quickly. (Incidentally, I’ve renamed it the ‘Flattened Emotions’ problem – I hope that the new name is clearer). Tal managed to find the key developmental event that was being triggered by this action, and we were able to hone the fix down to 4 Gaia commands (two for the egg and two for the sperm precellular heart brains.) We’ll be including this in the new Basic PeakStates manual, but if you need this information right now, please contact Support email for the latest.

We were also fortunate to have had a participant who was  pregnant. Tal looked at the fetus's brains, and we found the same unusual brain map that we’d seen in a fetus in January – the brains are arranged in concentric spheres, not in a vertical arrangement. This observation is very important for our research work – is this  the pattern we are supposed to have, or is it unique to the fetus, and if so, why?

We also had the good luck to see three people with various degrees of ‘brain shutdown’. When I wrote Volume 1, I didn’t realize it was possible to have partial brain shutdown, but it is a very common problem among people who are finding it impossible to heal or get peak states. (You can identify it using the Seeing Brain Awarenesses peak ability.) Up to now we'd had to rely on advanced techniques, but we found that in three out of four cases we could get full healing using Paula C’s Projection process. This is very good news! 

Another very important breakthrough was made during the second Polish training. Tal and I found a way to identify Multiple Personality Disorder in people, using a particular peak ability. As you may know, I’d been searching for a way to identify this problem in people for over two years. It is hard to spot using ordinary techniques – the person who has it isn’t usually aware of it. Out of 16 people checked, we found 11 had various degrees of the problem! We believe we have located the developmental event to heal this problem, but as of this writing we haven’t verified this.

More work… Another major improvement came out of our training. Tal figured out a new, very clever, effective and simple way to turn peak experiences into peak states. We tried it on our second training group with very good success. This can be done from average consciousness, and is far quicker, easier, and more effective than our current techniques.            

Finally, as many of you know, I’ve searched for years for a way to get rid of WHH (or ‘Brute Force and Ignorance’, as I call it). WHH is slow, painful, but key to our work. As you know, getting people in-body is difficult if they don’t have some degree of the Being Present state, which at the moment we don’t have developmental events for (but using advanced techniques we can identify if a person has the state). Tal thinks she came up with a way to do WHH without needing to go in-body. This is under test now, and we will keep you posted. I’m tremendously excited about this, but it will likely be around 6 months before we introduce it to students, as we work out the bugs.

These were just some of the highlights – we actually made even more discoveries. From my perspective, it does show the value of the research group teaching classes! However, if I wear my Director of Research hat, I must say that we’ve made far more breakthroughs than we can currently handle – we still have to follow up on existing projects and train more core staff. There are just too few of us at the moment! It is an exciting time to be doing this work!

How Do I Get the Latest Techniques?

As we make improvements to our ISPS techniques, we put them in the appropriate manual before new workshops (thus, new students get the latest material). To get a copy of the latest improvements for Basic (average consciousness) techniques, you need to buy the latest Basic PeakStates manual. To see the latest Table of Contents and compare it with the manual you already have, go to our website at bookstore.html. If you want a copy, it costs $29.95US plus shipping charges. Contact Support email to order. For safety, liability, and other reasons, this manual is only available to people who have taken the Basic PeakStates workshop, and the agreements you signed during your training still apply to it. Alternatively, some of the new techniques will be introduced in the TeleClasses – stay tuned.

Frank Downey Frank Downey, ISPS CEO 

Many of you don’t realize that the Institute has had a CEO since the late 1990’s. Frank and his wife Elaine are our elders – although not involved in the day-to-day business, they’ve added stability, perspective, and encouragement to the rest of us through all the ups and downs we’ve experienced over the years. When disagreements arise – and they do in any group, Frank has the final say. Frank is no stranger to pioneering. After leaving the Royal Canadian Air Force, he became an accountant in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Later, he founded his own company, which worked on developing state-of-the-art processes for oil and gold recovery. This background was a perfect fit to the Institute, with its ‘new-technology’ (R&D) driven organization. Frank has had a life-long Beauty Way state; his wife, Elaine, the Underlying Happiness state. Elaine was the first person to try out our new Gaia command process in the 1990’s. It put her into the Hollow state, which she has had ever since.

Copyright 2006 by Grant McFetridge

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