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"Subcellular Psychobiology"

November 1, 2014

From the editor...

It's been a while - over four years since our last newsletter. As we've been busy working the whole time, there is a lot to catch up on!

The big news for the month is the publication of our new book, the Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook. It is a therapist desk reference for client diagnosis and treatment (and is used in our therapist training). As the title suggests, it uses a whole new way of understanding psychological (and medical) problems - one that we're releasing to the public for the first time.

Our research team has also been busy. Scroll down to the 'Clinic News' to read about our new treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Finally, our last topic this month is on learning - can a therapist master our material using only teleconferencing?

Till next time...

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From the editor
It's been a while...

Feature Article
"Subcellular Psychobiology"

Clinic News
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Upcoming Training
Online or in person?

Feature Article:  "Subcellular Psychobiology"
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By  Dr. Grant McFetridge

This new book is a very important milestone for the Institute - for the first time, we're making public some of our discoveries from the past 12 years of research in the totally new field of 'subcellular psychobiology'. We've chosen to start with a practical handbook on subcellular diagnosis and treatment, used by our Institute trained and certified therapists around the world.

There is quite a story behind why we've kept this material private up until now. If you are curious, check out our Institute blog article titled "Going public with subcellular psychobiology".

From the handbook's back cover: 
Diagnostic Subcellular Psychobiology
This groundbreaking work shows how psychological and physical symptoms arise from damage inside the cell itself. For the first time, psychological symptoms that range from trauma to serious mental illness can be understood as perceptions of biological problems at a subcellular level. 

This handbook is specifically designed as a desk reference for therapists and psychiatrists diagnosing and treating clients. Containing over 50 diseases and disorders of the cell, each entry gives a brief description of the cause, an illustration of the subcellular biology, differential diagnosis, and the standard psychological-like techniques that treat these biological issues quickly and effectively.

Radical change to the field of psychology is now possible with this approach, including a needed shift to 'pay for results' billing. This first generation of subcellular cases includes:
  • the epigenetic origin of generational, associational, and biographical trauma,
  • why trauma techniques sometimes won't work,
  • the fungal disease cause for schizophrenic voices,
  • how suicidal feelings originate from birth trauma,
  • subcellular perceptions that cause spiritual emergencies,
  • a cross reference to ICD-10 categories,
  • and more…
This Peak States® Therapy volume is a companion to Peak States of Consciousness and The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing® Manual
This handbook is now available on Amazon. 
The full table of contents can be viewed by clicking this link;
and you can also 'look inside the book' at the Amazon website.)
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So, what's next in our publishing schedule? We're already started work on therapist handbooks for suicide, spiritual emergency, and schizophrenia, to be published in 2015.  

Clinic News:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As of this year, our Institute clinics now treat chronic fatigue syndrome (with a 'pay for results' agreement). Currently, we do not treat 'adrenal burnout' which some people with CFS also suffer from - although we're working hard on a treatment for that also. 

If you are interested in seeing on video or reading some fascinating client experiences before and after our treatment, see the CFS testimonials page at our clinic website. These people were completely disabled and barely able to leave their beds for many years; we are happy to have helped them.

The story behind this treatment starts in Scotland back in 2008. If you have an interest in this disease,  or just about how we find treatments for mysterious, 'incurable' illnesses, you can read about the ups and downs with this research project in our Institute blog story "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - solving the biology". 

Upcoming Training:  Online or In Person?

Up until 2008, we tried to fit our therapist training into a 9-day intensive workshop format. To keep it this short, the students were expected to practice at home with tele-class support. Unfortunately, this required a degree of self-motivation that most lacked. Out of the many hundreds we taught, only about 5% became certified. 

Class in Poland fal 2014
In 2011, after a three-year halt to our training program, we restarted with a month-long residential format. This gave our therapist students enough time to learn theory and to get plenty of supervised practice on real clients, making students comfortable with this new approach. This worked well - we now had far fewer students, but our therapist certification rate jumped to over 70%. We were now, finally, building a community of cutting-edge therapists who were using our techniques and a 'pay for results' billing system to treat clients.

However, some therapists simply can't attend a long residential training. So in 2013 we tried an experiment - Nemi Nath of Australia taught a many-month training over Skype. Obviously, this was a lot harder for the therapist, requiring an exceptional degree of self-discipline and motivation, but it worked. All three therapists became Institute certified. 

This fall Nemi is offering another Skype therapist training, with very small group, four hour classes held three times a week. Although it is obviously a lot easier to attend an in-person month long venue, if you are interested in this teleclass therapist training, and are a very self-motivated experienced therapist, drop Nemi Nath an email.
See our worldwide training class schedule.