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The Whole-Hearted Healing™ Workbook
by Paula Courteau (2013)

Table of Contents

Foreword 9
Acknowledgments 10
Liability Agreement and Safety Warnings 11
Introduction 13
            How to Use this Book 14
            Medications and WHH 16

Chapter 1: Whole-Hearted Healing Memory Aids 19
            WHH - The Very Very Short Version: 19
            WHH: The Steps 19
            Special Situations 20
                        Emptiness or blank feeling 20
                        Holes 20
                        'New' physical pain 21
                        Copies 21
                        Soul stealing 21
                        Soul loss 21
                        Pretend-identities 21
                        Archetypal images 21
                        Generational traumas 22
                        Vortices 22
                        Past lives 22
                        Projections 22
                        Dilemmas 23
                        Structures in your body 23
                        Transpersonal experiences and peak states 23
                        No time to finish 23

Chapter 2: The Prerequisites 25
            The Hendricks Loving-Yourself Technique 25
                        Exercise: Loving yourself 26
                        Exercise: Loving yourself while you feel good 26
                        Exercise: Loving yourself when you feel awful 26
                        Exercise: Coming back to the present: Loving yourself with gratitude 27
                        Practice loving yourself 27
                        "But I get all sorts of fear when I try this" 27
            The Centre of Awareness: an Experiential Definition of the Self 28
                        Exercise: Finding your Centre of Awareness 28
                        Exercise: Moving your Centre of Awareness 28
                        “But I can't move my CoA at all” 29
            The Triune Brain: Redefining the Subconscious 29
                        Dr. MacLean's three-part model of the human brain 29
                        Triune brain structure and inner experience 30
                        Independent self-awareness in each brain 30
                        Trauma and the triune brain model 31
                        Body consciousness associations and the Developmental Events Model 31
                        Additional brain structures 32
                        An update… 32
                        Redefining the subconscious 33
            Working with the Brains 34
                        Exercise: Triune Brain Therapy 34
            COEX Systems or Trauma stacks: a Shortcut to the Past 35
                        Exercise: The mote in thy neighbour's eye 37
                        Exercise: The beam in your own eye 38

Chapter 3: Basic Whole-Hearted Healing 41
            The Setting 41
            What Will We Do, Exactly? 41
            The Steps 43
                        “But I have a lot of trouble with the written word” 44
                        “But I just feel blank” 45
                        “But I don't feel any emotions” 45
                        “But I really really don't feel any emotions” 45
                        “But I can't remember anything from long ago” 47
            Good News for Those of Us who Live in Small Apartments: Feeling Emotions vs. Expressing Emotions 52

Chapter 4: Special Situations in Healing 55
            Working with Prenatal Memories 55
            Working with Egg and Sperm Memories 57
            Working with Precellular Memories 57
            Emptiness or Blank Feeling 57
            Holes 58
            'New' Physical Pain 60
            Copies 60
                        To check for a copy, do the following: 61
            Soul Stealing 62
            Soul Loss 65
            Pretend-Identities 65
            Archetypal Images 66
            Generational Traumas 68
            Vortices 70
            Past Lives 72
            Projections 74
                        Exercise: Healing a projection 75
            Dilemmas 77
            Structures in your Body 79
            Transpersonal Experiences and Peak States 80
            No Time to Finish 83

Chapter 5: Increasing your Skill: Common Obstacles and How to Overcome Them 85
            Difficulties in Accessing the Trauma 85
                        Loving yourself 85
                        Exception: Underlying Happiness 85
                        Inner Peace 86
                        Timing 86
                        Suspending disbelief 86
                        Prejudice about what the trauma might be 87
                        Distraction from a bigger trauma 87
                        Using the problems popping up in your daily life 87
                        Considering the worst-case scenario 87
                        Dreams 88
                        Music 88
                        Using breath 89
                        Holding breath 89
                        Viewing 90
                        Strategies from Body-Centred therapies 90
                        Using the Psychological Reversal Step 91
                        Scanning your body 92
                        Using Image Streaming to get an image 93
            Difficulties in Releasing the Trauma 93
                        Making sure you are in your body 93
                        Loving yourself 93
                        White light 94
                        Finding the exact wording of the belief 94
                        Clearing beliefs about inappropriate emotions 94
                        Including the other person 95
                        Including the other brains, especially the placenta 95
                        Reproducing the body posture 95
                        Relaxing your diaphragm, throat and jaw 95
            Overlooked Traumas 96
                        Negative emotions for a good reason 96
                        Positive emotions 97
            Healing Physical Problems 97
                        Starting from the emotional pain inside the injury 98
                        Looking for traumas just before the onset 98
                        Healing our decision to be sick 99
                        After care 100

Chapter 6: Integrating Other Techniques 101
            TAT, EFT, and Other 'Energy Therapies' 101
                        Exercise: Healing with a hybrid of EFT and regression 103
            Other Regression Techniques 104
            Bodywork 104
                        Exercise: Using WHH with acupressure or reflexology (solo method) 105
            And Onwards… 106

Appendix A: Healing Resistance to Using the Loving Yourself Technique 107

Appendix B: Heealing Resistance to Moving your Centre of Awareness 109

Appendix C: EFT in Brief 111

Appendix D: A Field Guide to Special Situations 113
            Problems that show up as we approach the issue 114
            Problems that show up while in session 115
                        You perceive something that doesn't fit the profile of a regular trauma 115
                        The healing stalls 116
            Problems that show up at the end of the session 117

Appendix E: Trouble-Shooting Guide 119
            About Using the Basic Technique 119
            About Presenting Problems 120
            About Special Situations in Healing 120
            About Learning WHH in the Context of Long-Term Training with our Institute 122

Appendix F: Resources 125
            Spiritual Emergencies 125
                        Books 126
            Suicide Prevention 126
            Other Power Therapies 126

Bibliography 129


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