Cover Basic WHH Manual

The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™ Manual
, 3rd Edition
by Grant McFetridge Ph.D. and Mary Pellicer, M.D. (2004)

Table of Contents

Day 1
Whole-Hearted Healing Training Overview
Administrative Details and Forms
Exercise - The Hendricks "Loving Yourself" Technique
All About the Initial WHH Session
The WHH Process - First Demonstration & Discussion
The Basic Whole-Hearted Healing Process
            Common initial mistakes
            Speeding the healing
Tricks and Subtleties of the WHH Therapy: What to do it the trauma won't release
Tricks and Subtleties of the WHH Therapy: What to do if you can't recall the trauma
Womb, Birth, and Precellular Trauma
            Womb memories
            Birth trauma
            The 'No-Breath' technique for birth trauma
            Egg and sperm memories
            Precellular memories
Video - "Journey Into Life: The Triumph of Creation"
Quiz #1

Day 2
The Triune Brain Plus Two: Self Identities And Understanding Why WHH works
            The Triune brain
            Fusion of the brains
            Shutting the brains off
            Applying the triune brain model to understanding how basic WHH works
Unusual Phenomena During Healing and What To Do
            Healers picking up the clients problem
            Buddha brain structures
            Past lives
            Generational traumas
            Soul pieces
            Chakras and meridians
            Anesthesia and other drugs
Increasing Your Skill - Moving Away From the Rote WHH Pattern
            The trauma 'stack' isn't always straightforward
            Using variations on the basic technique to access and heal trauma
            Some hints when using WHH
            Changing the past
WHH on Physical Issues
            Symptoms directly related to trauma
            Illnesses maintained directly by trauma
            Diseases or problems indirectly related to trauma
            Trauma causing decisions to be sick
            Illnesses related to Buddha brain structures
            Illnesses related to generations, 'energetic', or 'spiritual' problems
            Body consciousness resistance and muscle testing
            Potential risks using power therapies on physical issues
On Healing Pain
            The biology of pain
            Using standard EFT directly on the pain
            Using EFT directly on the intermediate pain mechanism
            Using Whole-Hearted Healing on pain
            Other mechanisms that can cause pain
            Suggested procedure for eliminating pain
A Transpersonal Extension to the Triune Brain Model: The Self, the False Self, and the Shell
            The self, the 'Center of Awareness' (CoA), and the unconscious
            The Self and the 'false self' or shell
            Other shell-like phenomena
            Practical implications
The Distant Personality Release Technique (DPR)
            Using DPR to heal another's personality issues
            The personality shell
            Unexpected side effects
            Distant Personality Release (DPR) outline
            What does the client feel?
            Ethical and other issues
            Doing DPR on yourself
            DPR in clinical practice
Quiz #2

Day 3
Other Effective Emotional Healing Techniques
            Standard therapy
            EMDR -Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
            TIR - Traumatic Incident Reduction
            VKD - Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation
            TFT - Thought Field Therapy
            EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
            BSFF - Be Set Free Fast
            TAT - The Tapas Acupressure Technique
            WHH - Whole-Hearted Healing
            Hendricks Body Centered Therapy
            Primal Therapy
            Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy
            Other valuable healing or related topics
Using WHH with EFT
            A brief review of how to use EFT
            When to use WHH, EFT, or a combination of the two
            How to do the EFT/WHH hybrid process
            Surrogate EFT
            Reversing (undoing) the healing of EFT
Using WHH with TIR
Using WHH with other therapies
            Somatic Experiencing
Special Topics
            Suicidal ideation
            Overlooked traumas
            Starting from the past - trolling
            Merging with the client
Spiritual Emergencies
            Unitive experiences: Fusion, the Beauty Way, and Wholeness
            Turning the brains off: Shutdown, Samahdi, and The Pearl Beyond Price
            Kundalini Awakening
            Psychological renewal through activation of the central archetype
            Possession, schizophrenia, and channeling
            Hauntings, ghosts, and psychic attacks
            Shamanic crisis
            Death and dying
            Past lives
Quiz #3

Day 4
Clients NOT to Work With
Radical Physical Healing
Other Healing Techniques
            Past life and other regression techniques
            Shamanism and Soul Retrieval for trauma and schizophrenia
Ethical Issues
Concluding Discussion and Follow Up Resources
            Class evaluation forms
            Website practitioner referral list
            Updates on technique improvements, other therapies, and Institute projects
            Working on Institute projects
            Legal liability and ministerial certification
            What this course did not cover
            Teaching basic Whole-Hearted Healing
            After the workshop
Peak States of Consciousness: Trauma Relief Using the Inner Peace Process (IPP)
            Questions and answers
The Hollow/Brightness Peak State Induction Process
            A description of the Hollow/Brightness state
            About the process
            Possible states you might end up with
            Changes you might find disturbing
            Specific procedure
            Question and answers

            Sample client letter and intake form
            Steps for basic Whole-Hearted Healing
                        Special situations
            Summary procedure for EFT
            Procedure for undoing/reversing EFT
            Spiritual emergency (SEN) categories
            The Inner Peace Process revision 1.1
            Bibliography and websites
            Quiz solutions
            Administrative forms
            State of consciousness evaluation questionnaire



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