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  • yeah, such sharing is very helpful for us. Thanks !
  • Interesting! And you did a good analysis, LOL. I have been practicing shamanism for many years. and I have get myself more involved in the past year. One thing I found Shamanic is very helpful is about the manifestation of change in one life, somehow it just direct and bring in change that help people to move forward in…
  • Hi Gaetan, yes, i mean gratitude, i have this funny experience, when i found a trauma, i hold the gratitude in certain way that it bring me to certain state, and the trauma dissolve, and it didn't come back. it seem perfectly work on simple trauma string. :)
  • Interesting information and thoughts. Body Brains work in way of associations. I think the body brains also have a priority of importance to its agenda too. Reproduction seem to be be very important for body brains (as well as the sexual brain), so it make sense if it can by pass other less important association. The…
  • I have met some pregnancy women who have no addictions, but when they got the pregnancy, they automatically change their habbit, like reduce their intake of meat or have a stronger desire for healthier food, one common one is naturally more resistance to second hand smoke. I think it is basically their body brain turn on…
  • The Life Path is focus on the Gaia's guidance in leading us to be healthy in a holistic way. It is not necessary the best for our own agenda. So, i think it is a question in what kind of goal we set , so we know which choice is the best :)
  • hi, That is what i found and post in other post of this forum, here is the original post there "Hi, I have this interesting thought and experience on healing our own trauma that might affect others' too. I ask a friend to test it out with me. First, we find a shared memory that we both didnt feel CPL in the situation -…
  • Hi Grant, Thank you for the information and also the book reference, i will take a look on it when i get the book. So, one question: If a person life is caused by trauma and we can see the event by walking on our life path. I remember in one of the case Nemi share with us in the training is, a women see herself being hit…
  • I think, the other amazing point besides people finding the book , is that people are willing to change their paradigm and actually try it ! I am really looking forward the youtube video being uploaded. Thanks for the work! 
  • hi Klein, yes, but it seem there is not much research on the biological components of the karma, while it seem the institute know what is the biological components for past life gateway event. Have you acquire your life path ability? if so, might be you can check is healing your past life change the event of your life path…
  • what is the different will be if the 3rd eye can merge with the body brain instead of mind brain??
  • In my view, i think the more states we have, the better. As a state mean we have something healed. We might not able to heal those specific thing in our normal healing.and you never know how healing those state can assist the progress of us, rite? so even it might not be experiential desirable, but it is wise to heal more.…
  • healing the identities of the brain are for the hollow state? I thought it is for the Sacred Being state?
  • So, if our Consciousness can actually located in our primary cell, it might also possible our core consciosuness can actually locate in sth even smaller?
  • Hi Ingka, The good/Evil Process you mention is the bright light process or there is a project that the institue is trying to develop? Kryon
  • ha, i heard that the Creator light state can help you regress to any moment at will, will you consider having that state on? >:D<
  • Thank you for the Reply.Have studied all the three books twice and I have did my own little experiment / research into that. Most of the them having a great result. Really look forward to learn more from your work. I feel your work is very important to humankind. Wish more and more breakthroughs are on the way! :)