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Corrections to the 1st edition
June 23, 2015

Subcellular Psychobiology Diagnosis Handbook:

Subcellular Causes of Psychological Symptoms

By Dr. Grant McFetridge

Pg v: Add: 'My sister, Alison McFetridge (1964 - 2004)

Pg xvii: 3rd paragraph. Add 'see appendix 9'

Pg 20: "and feel nauseating (like vomit).." Should read "and feel nauseating (like rotting meat and vomit)…"

Pg 23: In the Ameba section - At end of first paragraph: When experienced fully, their interior has the sensation of dead and decaying corpses.

Pg 23: Under Viruses, 2nd line. ...cell's cytoplasm or NUCLEUS...

Pg 56: A NEW ORIENTATION, 2nd para. "This is A very, very...

Pg 59:
Therapists often forget that some issues are caused by bodily injuries, disease, or substances)

Pg 68: In the section on addiction bugs, add this sentence: A person with these bugs finds their CoA won't or is very hard to move from a fixed spot, often the head. Heal the generational with bug's emotional tone.

Pg 74: Heading, AVOIDING AREAS OF THE BODY, 2nd paragraph, 3rd line, ...especially a BACTERIAL one.

Pg 74: especially a BACTERIAL one.

Pg 79: "Chapter 11 has more on this issue…" should read "Chapter 12 has more on this issue…"

Pg 80: "Chapter 12 goes into relevant…" should read "Chapter 13 goes into relevant…"

Pg 89: A simple and CONCLUSIVE test of someone who claims to be able to do regenerative healing…

Pg 114: Add to the bottom of the page: "Core traumas correspond to the experience of feeling or seeing monolith stone objects in front or partially into ones body when trying to move forward in life. These objects, formed during a trauma even where the person feels like they are dying (for example, a car accident) retain that death feeling from the event. They are found in the cytoplasm and connect to a bacterial parasite on the nuclear membrane. Core traumas always have a corresponding stone monolith structure in space, and finding and dissolving stone monoliths is far simpler than finding and eliminate core traumas."

Pg 115: Under Typical Mistakes in Technique, add: "If a monolith (or core trauma) returns after healing, check for time loops."

Pg 133: In ICD-10 codes, add F60.81

Pg 146: 2nd para. Can't go in body vs dominant child issue.

Pg 146: Void CoS

Pg 146: To the Symptom Keywords, add: 'Can't get into my body'.
To the Differential Diagnosis, add: Dominant Issue: Although both keep a person partly out of body, the dominant issue makes childhood seem very negative or makes the person unable to recall much of it. The void does not affect memories.

Pg 150: Add the phrase 'Obsidian SHARD'

Pg 161: The therapist who is trying to help may also HAVE this issue and…

Pg 164: you can project on objects also.

Pg 172: Change: "The abyss experience occurs in a very early developmental event." To: "The abyss experience occurs when the egg leaves the ovary. The gap between the egg and the Fallopian tube is the abyss. The sperm has an equivalent sensation at the same maturation stage in the testes. After healing, the Fallopian tube covers the egg opening, eliminating the abyss experience."

Pg. 173: Under ICD-10 codes, add F33, F34.1 at bottom of page.

Pg 177: In the Asperger'e syndrome page, add F84.5 ICD category.

Pg 183: "This problem is global: it occurs in all membranes, not just the cell or nuclear ones."

Pg 198: Under Treatment:
For image overlays, use trauma healing on the emotional feelings and body sensations.
For father and mother projections, use the Courteau Projection Technique.

Pg 211: Differential Diagnosis category add: Voices causing distractions

Pg 235: "The time loop egg-like structure is actually made in very early development as a defense put there by the pinecone organism, against class 1 bug-like and class 2 fungal parasites that eat the next generation of of the pinecone organism.

Pg 237: "…what was done earlier in the other MDP." to "…what was done earlier in the other personality."

Pg 238: Under 'Underlying Cause': The time loop phenomenon is caused by an egg-shaped structure that is build by a pinecone-shaped organism in the nucleus to defend its next generation from other parasites.

Under 'Risks': No known risks if the time loop is healed int the present. Regression healing can cause a problem due to activating the parasite in the developing client.

Pg 240: Under 'Symptom Frequency & Severity': Although this problem is very common in the general public, it is infrequently encountered in clients except with some chronic problems that have resisted attempts at healing.

Pg 250:
Add Abyss to the list of potential causes of depression.

Pg 266: Remove M from the author list for Spiritual Emergencies.

Pg 272: in this HANDBOOK as subcellular cases: And might add page numbers for each case.

Pg 274: Add sentence: However, these parasite issues are a particular problem with most healers and spiritual teachers, because they can usually ‘merge’ consciousnesses with their client or student. [This merging phenomenon can be demonstrated in a laboratory by having two people synchronize brain waves using biofeedback equipment.]

Pg 299: … the instructor can ROLE play as the client to help…

Pg 319: 1st para. ...regression TECHNIQUE and...

Pg 319: Add link for Generational Trauma technique: The Whole-Hearted Healing Workbook by Paula Courteau.

Pg 343: Add Abyss case to F33 and F34.1.

Pg 368: Index: add bypasses (another link to 'trauma bypasses')

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