ISPS favicon June 29, 2005: Revised the list of peak states to match the upcoming Volume 2 of Peak States of Consciousness.

ISPS favicon June 29, 2005: Added recommended shamanic teachers for people who want to facilitate peak states for clients or become healers for the ISPS.

ISPS favicon March 10, 2005: Updated the 'ISPS Techniques for Healing and Consciousness Change' page.

ISPS favicon March 4, 2005: Updated the description of the ISPS paradigm in 'Paradigm Violations, or “101 Reasons Why This Can’t Be True"' page.

ISPS favicon. March 4, 2005: Updated the 'Underlying Model for Understanding Why Peak States Exist and What Causes Them' page.

ISPS favicon. February 6, 2005: Updated workshop testimonials from Ottawa training.