ISPS favicon Novermber 11, 2007. We've added links to two other sources who have also made the same discovered that we had - that autism is a trauma related disorder: Dr. Stephanie Mines (USA), and Sandra Lewis (Canada).

ISPS favicon October 29, 2007: To aid in collaboration among Institute staff in different countries, we've added several new (password protected) forum database webpages: 'to do', 'budget', 'research project status', 'meeting minutes' and a general 'staff forum'.

ISPS faviconOctober 26, 2007: New WHH and Basic Peak States professional training brochures are now on the peakstates website. They are for the use of people who are setting up workshops for the Institute, and for staff who are creating new brochures. The web page was also reorganized to make it more useable.

ISPS faviconOctober 25, 2007: Added an RSS Feed to the Institute 'Website Changes' page, so readers can find out automatically when any changes we've made to the entire website occur.

ISPS faviconOctober 23, 2007: Added a testimonial letter from the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) on the Silent Mind Technique™ for schizophrenia.

ISPS faviconOctober 21, 2007: Added a calendar view for our training classes (English). It uses iCal and can be automatically updated at the user's computer.

ISPS faviconOctober 20, 2007: Added a PDF of the Basic Certification License Agreement (provisional) revision 3.4 to the Certification Course #180 page.

ISPS faviconOctober 8, 2007: Added a document on how to compute fees for 'charging for results'.

ISPS faviconAugust 28, 2007: Added a testimonials page to the Addictions Project.

ISPS faviconAugust 27, 2007: Added a published case study on our SMT treatment for schizophrenia.

ISPS faviconAugust 27, 2007: Added a published article on the primary cell model and its impact on disease treatments and peak states.

ISPS faviconAugust 25, 2007: Updated the 'Questions and Answers on Peak States Research' webpage.

ISPS faviconAugust 25, 2007: Added a YouTube video of our in-training therapists discussing what they learned.

ISPS faviconJuly 9, 2007: Attached an MS symptom tracking form to the Neuromuscular Disease Project Page.

ISPS faviconJuly 6, 2007: Added a password protected page for internal Institute forms and documents.

ISPS faviconJuly 6, 2007: Added #11 Support Newsletter

ISPS faviconJuly 3, 2007: Added the Course #191 Schizophrenia Specialization course description.

ISPS faviconJuly 3, 2007: Added the Course #191 Silent Mind Technique™ Manual Table of Contents to the website.

ISPS faviconMarch 26, 2007: Updated the index of peak states page.

ISPS faviconFebruary 4, 2007: Made an addition to the Ethics page.

ISPS faviconFebruary 3, 2007: Added more WHH case studies.

ISPS faviconFebruary 2, 2007: Added a testimonial page for the Schizophrenia Project (use of the Silent Mind Technique™).

ISPS faviconJanuary 21, 2007: Added Course #190: Addictions Specialization, and modified the Project page to match.

ISPS faviconJanuary 20, 2007: Added an Institute Offices Worldwide page.

ISPS faviconJanuary 19, 2007: Added an 'Actual Cases using WHH' page for our students, and added to the WHH testimonials page. More to come.

ISPS faviconJanuary 12, 2007: Slight addition to the certification pdf to include information on 'recognition of prior learning' to quality for conventional training requirements.

ISPS faviconJanuary 10, 2007: Updated the list of Institute techniques.

ISPS faviconJanuary 2, 2007: Revised the main webpage introduction.