New website for clients

ISPS favicon September 5, 2012: We have created a new website designed just for clients who wish to find and use PeakStates therapists' services. It is written simply, with an easy flow starting with various problems we excel at. You use it to find a therapist who speaks your language, and who may specializes in your condition. There is also a blog written by certified therapists, and a forum for clients to ask questions or give feedback. Multi-languaged.

A forum for visitors has been added

ISPS favicon August 4, 2012: We added a forum to our site - see the main navigation bar on the left. This is an experiment, we hope it will be useful for people who are interested in state of the art approaches to peak states being done by various organizations; and to give a place for the public to ask questions about WHH and trauma healing.

Online radio interview with Dr. McFetridge

ISPS favicon July 13, 2012: Radio interview with Dr. McFetridge about the peak states research and applications. You can download the file (right click on this link, 28MB) or listen to it on the webpage. It aired Saturday June 2, 2012.

Optimal Relationship talk and writeup

ISPS faviconMay 27, 2012: For certified therapists only, we've uploaded a talk and a writeup on what we suspect is a peak state - of 'optimum relationship'. This is the first step of research to determine what it is and what causes it, with the idea of being able to induce and stabilize it in client couples.

New Peak Experience to State process

ISPS faviconMay 27, 2012: For certified therapists only, we've uploaded a new Peak Experience to State Process (rev 3.1). This approach is far more effective than the previous rev 2.x process. It also includes a method to restore 'veiled' peak states, and a description of what causes this problem.

V-Hole Process for Certified Therapists

ISPS faviconMay 27, 2012: We've added a process for certified therapists on how to treat "S-Holes" in clients. S-holes cause a client to feel extremely emotionally needy with a constant need for love and reassurance that the client is a special and unique person. They are felt as sucking holes in the front vertical central axis of the body. When the problem is severe, they result in people who are often called 'emotional vampires'; and cause communication problems in relationships and at work.